Amp’d AE86

amped gts 1
Canadian mobile phone provider Amp’d was featuring an AE86 in one of their commercials before they filed for bankruptcy in June 2007. Recently this video was found by AEU86 member Ivan141 and immediately a discussion was started about all the parts the car was featuring…

It was clearly a zenki 2-door Canadian (USDM spec) C0rolla GT-S with some (badly fitted) widened FRP fenders. During shifting you can see the spin turn handbrake button fitted. The wheels are hidden away behind a cheap set of wallmart hubcaps, but as you can see in the screenshot they are at least 15 inch and 7J wide. At the rear of the car the original US-spec bumper was still fitted and where did we see that front bumper before? USDM Corolla FX AE92?

Check out the commercial after the jump.

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2 Responses to Amp’d AE86

  1. moooooo! says:

    its a 1987 honda accord front bumper

  2. alex5 says:

    ha i remeber that commercial. i know the owner before he sold it. it changed hands a few times before it ended up in that commercial. anyways it’s a u.s corolla (so cal to be specific) with a 20v. the commercial itself was filmed in so cal with slidin hawaiian alex pfeiffer doing the stunt driving. it’s kinda sad cause the car used to be really clean before it ended up on that commercial.

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