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1986 Paris Dakar Rally AE86!

Moto over at Club4AG has put up this great video compilation on YouTube of clips from the documentary “Eikou No Chousen” released in 1986!  It documents the trial of Team ACP, an adventure enthusiast organisation and their attempt at the treacherous Paris Dakar Rally with a Toyota Corolla, Land Cruiser, and several Yamaha Motorcycles.  Moto has cut the movie down to feature the AE86 content on this short video and overlayed the un-translated Japanese Audio with none other than ’80s badboy rocker Billy Idol and Santana! Sweet!

Certificate of Authenticity: Chowini ’86

One of the newest members to the HR forums, Eircamae86, has scored himself his very own slice of real AE86 racing history with this period-spec Levin GTV.

TOM’S were assigned by Team Chowini in Hong Kong to build them another racer for their ever expanding stable of many AE86’s owned by the Chowini team.  The car was built from a brand-new never-registered 1983 Corolla Levin GTV. The chassis has since been fitted with a fully-gusseted, up-to-spec, 8 point roll cage throughout and all the original steel panels remain in their rightful place with the shell featuring lightweight ‘Lexan®-style’ glass for that added weight advantage.