Monthly Archives: June 2009

Tec-Art’s OS Piston Set


Calling it the ‘Forged Hyper Piston Set’, Tec-Art’s have released a bunch of new oversized piston sets for you guys out there who aren’t so much fans of stroking (ba dum chh)… The sets come in 81.5φ, 82φ and for the insane an 83φ version too. That said to use the massive 83 spec set, extra modifications to the usual are required and the use of an 82.5φ head gasket is a must (which luckily enough can be purchased from Tec-Art’s also!)

If you’re up for getting stroked (.. sorry I just can’t resist) check out the Tec-Art’s engine parts page here.

A Novel Use


Evidently in Japan, Hayashi ‘Street Fins’ are not as rare as they are in the rest of the world! On the other hand, why is this Japanese lass watering the gutter? Who knows, but it’s another fantastic piece of the ’86 lifestyle captured by the boys @ 86ers! If you’re not checking them out every day, you should be!