Window Belt Moulding Clip (Source or Repair)


New Member
May 25, 2014
I've had this problem with the right side door belt moulding which keeps popping out when I roll the windows up or close the door. I've pulled it apart for a proper inspection, the clip hinges look rather small if not broken.

I'm not sure whether they're really broken as the hinges are all uniform, or if they're simply improperly installed. It sounds silly, but I'm too afraid to remove the passenger side moulding as it fits perfectly, and I don't want to mess up some almost thirty year old plastic clips.

I was wondering if anybody had any idea of how to repair the clips or source something that would work just as well. I've looked around for replacement door mouldings, but I'd like to try to fix them before replacing the entire moulding.

For reference: