[WA] TECCWA Car Photoshoot - Saturday March 13th 2010


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Occasion: TECCWA Automotive Photoshoot

Date: Saturday March 13th, 2010

Time: 8:00am onwards

Bring: Your freshly washed cars, something to drink, sunscreen, hats, tall stories, ...!

Cost: Free for TECCWA members, $10 for non members as a once off payment (ie if you bring 2 or more cars, it still only costs $10). Membership forms available and accepted on the day too.

Location: Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth Foreshore. We'll be situated on the grass area bounded by Mill Point Road and Coode Street, South Perth

Directions: Enter the grassed area by the Mill Point Road access gate, then drive towards the cars parked on the grass.

TECCWA (http://www.teccwa.com) is holding an automotive photoshoot to source some fresh visual material of Toyotas in Western Australia. If you have a Toyota and are happy to have it photographed and those images used to promote toyotas in WA, please wash it (at the very least) and bring it down to the foreshore for a photo session.

Car Preparation and Requirements
I'm asking people to wash the exterior and chamios it off at the very least, and no primer patches on the exterior body. I have only ever had one car professionally detailed once, and I'm reminded that I had to do very little for the next 12-18 months other than wash the dust off to have a fantastic finish, so maybe it's worth considering having done for those of you who wish too? Should you wish to also have engine bays and interior shots, please make sure those areas are clean too. My primary focus will be exterior shots but if you've gone to the effort, I'm happy to oblige.

As for the actual shutterbug, I'm looking for a few people for the job. My hope is that we have more cars than time will allow to shoot, so having a group of photographers each taking one or two specific shots would be appreciated to get everyone included - if you're handy with a digicam and have the time free, please let me know?! Either way, I encourage you to bring your own camera, and take a few snaps - if they come out good, please consider forwarding a copy to TECCWA.

Transport and Selection
For those of you that may need a hand to actually get your cars down there, be it due to work needed or simply additional cars, please ask for help now. For those of you with multiple cars that can come down, please let me know exatly what you're bringing?! Parking on the grassed area will be free, and there is plenty of space to park car trailers for anyone trailering cars down to the venue. Please list the models you can bring down, and your preferred timeframe (am, pm or any) - I will do my best to appease everyone with their requests, but I also ask you to consider the scale of planning something like this takes, in the hope that the turnout is better than anything previously held!

If you have the time either on the day or prior, please consider taking your car and a digital camera to any of the areas marked in red on the map below too. Feel free to take a few shots of your car with the Perth city skyline in the background at the best resolution, and largest size you can achieve with your camera. Bring your camera and car to the main photo point with your download cable, and download them to a laptop for inclusion in a compilation of the day.

"Self Serve" locations to consider (if the interest is there, I will consider asking someone to sit there with a camera to take shots, to make it easier for people on the day - please let me know your preference on this matter?):

1: Kings Park - roadside parking on Fraser Ave, to achieve a photo that looks like this:

2: Mill Point Road Carpark under Narrows Bridge:

3: South Perth Esplanade street parking - anywhere along South Perth Esplanade where you can get a good shot of your car with the skyline in the background.

4: South Perth Esplanade Carpark - this carpark runs right up too the river's edge, but is very popular - you may jag a good photo op here.

5: Coode Street Carparks - both left and right of Coode Street at the river's edge, again very popular - take what you can get - you may get lucky?!

6: Plain Street, East Perth - street parking with the ability to shoot over Langley Park, with the city running down the RHS to the Convention Centre, and onto Kings Park.

The Public Liability and Council Fees Monster!
My main aim of the day is to gather as many "photogenic" Toyotas in one place as I can. To this end I've considered the space needed, areas available and the setting, in my decision to use the South Perth Foreshore for the groups shots. I've applied to the local Council for permission to place the cars on the lawn area overlooking the Swan River and Perth City Skyline, so this setting should give us some fantastic shots that would not normally be available. Unfortunately, due to the litigious nature of the world these days, the council require a Public Liability Insurance policy along with the usage fees imposed upon us which is a cost that needs to be paid by the club, hence the need for either TECCWA membership or $10 for non members to cover this expense. There is also a need to provide a $1000 refundable bond to use the venue - if you are able to help cover this cost, please let me know?

I'm asking you to help contribute to the payment of these expenses - I've tried to avoid it several different ways, but I still wind up out of pocket. I'd hope you accept and contribute a small payment of $10 per person to cover the policy for this event, and I appreciate your $10 Cash PAYMENT ON THE DAY and will give you a receipt if requested. I will also happily accept your TECCWA membership application and payment preferably prior, or on the day too. Please make your payments sooner rather than later - to give me a chance to confirm your transfers, or at the very least let me know your intentions?

We'll be focused on taking individual car shots and model group shots from the start of the morning and after lunch time, with my primary aim to get a series of combined group shots of everyone around lunch time. Hopefully this will help those people who can't make it to either the morning or afternoon time frame, still be included in the photos. The longer you can stay, the more options we have regarding lighting, background view, and model shots. Ideally, everyone will be at the main location for a time frame of 11am -1pm for the large group shots.

8:00 - 11:00 - Individual and Model Group Shots - small and midsize Toyotas, MR2, Celicas
11:00 - 1:00 - Group Shots - Model specific and All Models Combined
1:00 - 4:00 - Individual and Model Group Shots - Supra, Soarer, Cressida, Large Toyotas, Other Models.

I will have an esky of soft drink cans and bottles of water available for $1 each, with whatever profits turned back into the club.

Other Makes and Models
I've had a few requests for people to bring other makes and models down to utilise the location too. If anyone wants to bring down anything else, please do so between the hours of 3:30-4:30pm, and don't forget your $10 payment to help cover the costs associated with the day. Remember - you'll need to bring your own camera too!

I cannot stress enough, the need to do the right thing while driving your car to and from the venue, and on the grass on the day. I realise I won't personally know everyone who attends, so I'm taking this opportunity to say - "please drive appropriately for the location, and don't disappoint me". I've gone to alot of trouble to put this together, an incured a significant out of pocket expense to do so - your actions will reflect back on me, and my future desires for the council to approve other automotive orientated events (like a big Toyota car show in the coming years, on the foreshore here in Perth). Remember the location is a residential suburb, with lots of people using the pathway near the river's edge, so consideration as to how the public view and react to you, falls squarely on you.

This event is open to all Toyota enthusiasts - club member or not. I'm hoping for a good turn out, most of you already know of my club ambitions that once developed will certainly give WA Toyota owners something to look forward too, and be proud of, and as always I look forward to catching up with all of you for a social event worthy of your attendance?!

If you can't make it on the day, but would like to be added to a mailing list for future TECCWA club events in WA, please email me directly on limeglaze at hotmail.com and I'll add you to a mailing list.

0403 733 054

The List!

TE72 - white_sandshoe
AE86 - fixeruperer
AE86 - Stomps
AE92 Levin GT-Z - Robbo
AE101 GT Apex Levin - CLG

GX71 Cresta - Stomps
ST215 Caldina - nat.andrews

AW11 - senn

TA22 - airfireman1
TA22 - TA22Celica
RA28 - airfireman1
RA35 - 7M-GTE MX73
TA63 Coupe - CLG
RA63 TTE Replica - CLG
ST184 - Wayno
ST185 - gt4me
ST185 Group A Replica - Spectre
ZZT231 - Mole

GA61 - mullet
GA61 - WA_TRD_83
MA61 - deck-star
MA61 - 82MKII
MA61 - hitman
JZA80 - wildsupra
JZA80 - shifted sf.com.au

MZ11 - Coff33
MZ21 - techst
GZ20 - pandaah
GZ20 - Z2TT
JZZ20 - Coff33
JZZ20 - Stomps
JZZ20 - hamgatan
JZZ30 - nat.andrews
UZZ30 - sciflyer

MX73 - 7M-GTE MX73
MX83 - triptek
MX83 - topgun137

MS57 Crown Wagon - CLG
GS130 Crown - CrUZida
JZS147 - Woggin

Aurion - eeeyan

shifted - sf.com.au


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Direct deposits closed, please bring your $10 cash payments, or $50 TECCWA membership with you if you're bringing a car down.

I'm also looking for a few volunteers to do a few small jobs through out the day - let me know if you can help for a couple of hours?!