[WA] 3dr Trueno


Aug 22, 2012
Hello guys.

Sorry for long post. 2 things to begin with: I am not from Australia and (sadly) never been so far. (In my bucket list). Instead I am currently living in Yokohama. Originally from Germany. But Australia is closer to Japan and maybe more helpful in this matter.

My plan is to buy a car here, drive it, and then ship it to Europe without import fees. Germany allows what they call "Ubersiedlungsgut" (items that I used abroad and bring back). For cars, as this was told to me, cannot just be owned. They have to be registered for min. 6 months in Japan.
TL; DR: If I live for at least a year abroad, and I own an item for at least 6 months, I can bring it back to Germany. Once in Germany, I am not allowed to sell/rent/gift/borrow/... for 1 year. (As if I would)

Now comes the question: Do you guys know good places to buy a Hachiroku in Kanto? (must be 3dr Trueno, Levin only if my luck runs out)

I've checked www.goo-net.com and www.carsensor.net and visited two shops from goo-net last weekend. If you think Japanese dealers are more honest, than I have to disappoint.

1. Shop had a red/black Zenki Trueno for 1,580,000 Yen (AU$ 17,900). I wrote about it on my blog. It looked good, had stuff like ripped full set of seats, cracked dashboard, stripped trunk, restored digital cluster, but looked as it was without visible rust and crashes.

He told me the Black Limited replica next to it was a real one (was not) and a Kouki Trueno with bad painting and rust all over the place was only 1,400,000 Yen. Made me curious what the faults of the red one were, that its price was so close to the rust bucket.

2. Shop was a specialty shop. A-Station in Shounan, only 40 minutes walking distance from the other shop. He had a good looking white Zenki Levin. The trunk still had the carpet and plastic side covers, trunk lid was falling down, two different racing seats in the front and a ripped bench in the rear. Dashboard cracked, digital cluster, sunroof, spare wheel area rusted and front frame was bent and fixed. When I asked if it had rust, he said no. Asked if it had an accident, he said maybe, and after pointing out the areas, he agreed. It was a 1,180,000 Yen (AU$ 13,380) car.

Then there is Carland in Kyoto. I haven't been there yet, but a family member wants to help me with the funding and asked me if Carland's cars are worth the money. What do you guys think? This forum spoke in high tones about this shop, but those posts are dated now. Would you buy from Carland today esp. if you are not skilled with restauration matters? The family member is ready to help me with the cheapest car from Carland, the Initial D replica car.

I called the shop with my little Japanese and asked right away. The prices on the website are base price + tax. An additional 300,000 Yen is added for service. Therefore the end price with the inspection, registration, number plates, fluid changes and delivery to my Yokohama apartment would cost me 2,680,000 Yen (AU$ 30,390). This sounds a lot, and is a lot.

Here comes the catch. I hesitated first but still asked for rust and the answer was honest: The cheapest car (the one I am interested in) had minor rust. Not much and not on the frame, according to the shop owner. It is not possible to clean a car completely from rust and expect a price like this, he said. I should visit his shop which I plan to do this weekend.

As I am not skilled, I think that specialty shops are the better option for me. More expensive to begin with, but at least I can register it and save the import fees. Do you guys know similar trustworthy specialty shops with prices around 27,000 Australian dollars in Japan?

What would you do?