VICDRIFT running events at calder (and winton)


Jun 12, 2006
[copy from ae86dc]

Hey guys,

VICDRIFT has been asked by calder raceway to run the next wednesday night drift session (wednesday the 18th of april).

Continued running of this night by vicdrift relies on a strong turnout not only with drivers but spectators, so in the interest of the drift scene in victoria being taken seriously I urge that anyone with a rwd car get out there, or if it's off the road - go and spectate and see the difference in the way the night is being run.

VICDRIFT has been holding successful events at winton raceway (around 2 hours north of melbourne) for the last year. For a while there the victorian scene was looking pretty bleak before callum and the crew put a heap of time and money behind getting it back on 'track'.

We're hoping that with the new calder raceway drift nights we can raise the profile of the club and make winton and calder bigger and better than ever (with the possiblility of interstate battles in negotiation). Winton is an awesome track for learning how to handle your car (with the long runs including lots of small and large corners) but it's a long drive so it discourages a lot of people that aren't confident with their cars. Calder while not being such a great track for this purpose, has a lower entry fee and is much more local - a perfect testing ground for any new changes to the car or for beginners who want to just get out there and see what needs improving.

Don't think that you need to be able to battle like ueo on your first day, as a beginner it is very hard to do damage to your car when drifting solo with good runoff areas and penty of good advice. You will get very good at spinning out and there's not a gutter in sight! Theres a maccas/servo close by if you want to organise a pre meet or something.

I do urge you all to join the
VICDRIFT forum to keep up to date with all the info and get to know everyone involved. It is a new forum as the old was too 'hacker' prone.

See you all there.