[VIC] Yarra Boulevard Cruise 18TH APRIL


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Hey guy's thought I'd post this up for people on these forums that might not have seen it, it'd be good to see a nice turn up !

Hey guys for the upcoming cruise on the 18th, because it is far for some people to go to the east, it may be easier if we set up a second meet location AT Yarra Boulevard.

So there are two options

Meet 8pm at the Sparkling Carwash in Burwood at 8 pm, for an 8.30 leave.

OR meet us @

8.45pm @ Yarra Boulevard.

Ok the directions for the bridge at Yarra boulevard.

The bridge at Yarra Boulevard sits directly over the EASTERN freeway (NOT THE SOUTH EASTERN)

If you are going city bound down the eastern freeway get off at Chandler Highway exit, when you exit you Turn RIGHT. After turning right you will pass a set of lights where the other entry comes in, past those lights take your first LEFT. This is the yarra boulevard track, and keep driving until you are ON the bridge (You will know you are there as it is lit up quite well and the eastern freeway is below!) Park there for the second meet, if there are no cars there when you get there sit tight! Or call me 0411 216 876.

For city outbound turn off at chandler highway exit, turn left, then turn at the next left and see above, meet at the bridge!

Hope this makes sense, if not let me know and i will go over the finer details. PEACE

Hope to see you rock up, I'll be with my mate... two white ae82 seca's come say g'day, the names Trent ;)