TECCWA "Red Mist" Motorkhana - Sunday November 20,


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TECCWA's first club run motorkhana is a shakedown event for a series planned for 2012 and will be held on Sunday November 20, 2011 at the Tiger Kart Club's rear car park, just behind Barbagallo Raceway and incorporating a morning and afternoon session. The morning session will run from 8:00am till 1:00pm with the afternoon session held from 12:00pm till 5:00pm

The event will be run under the National Competition Rules of the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA) and you will require an AASA licence (available on the day and valid for the following twelve months) to compete on top of your event entry fee.

As some may already have CAMS racing licenses and have asked, I have confirmed with AASA that CAMS racing licenses for Speed and Non-Speed will be accepted for Motorkhana competition. We will need to see current licenses on the day as part of scrutineering.

Final Supplementary Regulations

Entry Form is available here

Cost per session is $55 for financial club members and $65 for non members. Payments can be made to the TECCWA bank account - we will accept event entry fees, AASA licence payments ($50 and valid for 12 months) and TECCWA membership payments ($50/yr for a full membership - contact Clint on 0403 733 054 or limeglaze@hotmail.com for membership details):

Bank: Westpac
BSB: 036037
A/C: 363299
A/C Name: Teccwa
Use your surname and "khanaAM" or "khanaPM" as per your timing preference on the day.

Your car will need to pass Scrutiny - Please check the supplementary regulations for requirements, but as a general guideline - tyres (anything goes so long as no exposed canvas/constructions are visible), brakes, suspension, body and interior fittings will be assessed before you can compete, and you will personally need enclosed shoes, long pants and sleeves while competing, a helmet with suitable rating/specification with convertible/soft top car drivers also requiring a full faced helmet. Unlicensed cars are also welcome - the onus is on you as to how you deliver them to the event.

Drinks and a BBQ menu will be available on the day so please bring some extra cash to cover your purchases.

In an effort to maintain the bitumen surface, we will employ the following conditions:

NO REVERSE GEAR - if you make an error while on a course up and need reverse - you will be issued with a "wrong way" and timed accordingly - please refrain from any form of static or aggressive burnout.

NO CLUTCH KICKS OR HANDBRAKING prior to corners to unsettle a car for drifting - sorry guys, this is not a drift event and no allowance will be given to anyone performing these actions. Handbrake turns (should the course benefit from this turning procedure) and progressive powerslides out of corners are fine - again, we are trying to protect the bitumen in order to keep a good relation with the venue owners.

For more info on this event and next year's event series, contact Gene on 0422 551 204 or Clint on 0403 733 054