TECCWA Dyno Day - Sunday July 3rd, 2011 - 9am


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TECCWA Dyno Day - Sunday July 3rd, 2011 - 9am

Date: Sunday July 3rd, 2011

Location: C-Red Tuning, 8 Tilli Place, Welshpool

Time: From 8:30am, first car spinning the rollers at 9am

Bring: Your car, money for BBQ breakfast, lunch and drinks

Payments: TECCWA Membership forms can be found HERE should you wish to join to take advantage of the discount for this and other events. Payment and postage details for membership are at the bottom of that form with dyno payments due by June 29th please. You may be able to pay on the day subject to space and time available.

Dyno payments may be made to the following account:

Bank: Westpac
BSB: 036037
A/C: 336522
Reference: your surname or car rego number

TECCWA's July event will be a 2WD dyno day. The guys at C-Red Tuning will host our first Dyno Day as a club - a chance to find out how much power your car really has with a power run. We’ll be having some fun with the day, running a pool of predicted and actual figures, associated power awards and a few light hearted awards also available on the day. Any vehicle with any power plant will be welcome with TECCWA members receiving a discounted price of $40 per car and non-members at $50 per car. Entrants will receive 2 power runs with a dyno sheet provided. A third power run may be given to any car at the request of the owner and discretion of the dyno operator. All entrants will need to sign a waiver to participate.

Please RSVP here or to Clint at clg@teccwa.com. Your place will only be confirmed after your entry payment has been accepted.

More details added as required

0403 733 054

1: Clint - MS57 Crown wagon - 2M powah!
2: Clint - 1965 Ford Mustang - 302 Windsor V8
3: Phil/Sciflyer - UZZ31 Soarer - 1UZFE
4: Adam/ElectricChicken - UZZ31 Soarer - 1UZFE
5: Aaron/Mole - JZA70 Supra - 1JZGTE
6: Matt/wildsupra - EP82 Starlet - 4EFTE
7: Ben/Senn - AW11 - 4AGE


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Event Agenda:

8:30 - 9:00: Registration opens - you need to register to run!
9:00 - 10:00: FWD cars

Matt - EP71 Starlet - 1.3L Turbocharged 2EFTE
Bevan/bmchi - AE111 Levin - 1.6L NA 4AGE
Rob/Robbo - AE92 Levin - 1.6L Supercharged 4AGZE

10:00 - 12:00: RWD Cars

Rob/Robbo's Mate - MX5 - 1.6/1.8L?
Ben/Senn - AW11 - 1.6L NA 4AGE
Kim/kAm - AW11 - 1.6L Supercharged 4AGZE
Mason/Magnm76 - RA23 Celica - 2L Turbocharged 1GGTE
Clint/CLG - MS57 Crown - 2.3L NA 2M
Matt/rxtoy - MS55 Crown - Holden NA 186CID Red Motor
Aaron/Mole - JZA70 Supra - 2.5L Turbocharged 1JZGTE
Carlo/JZA70R_92 - JZA70 Supra - 2.5L Turbocharged 1JZGTE
Mick/2jzhilux - Hilux - 3L NA 2JZGE
Martin/Carlo's mate - MZ21 Soarer - 3L Turbocharged 7MGTE
Aaron/VA61DETT - MA61 Supra - Nissan 3L Turbocharged VG30DETT
Martin/mxracer92 - Hiace - 3L Turbocharged 2JZGTE
Adam/ElectricChicken - UZZ31 Soarer - 4L NA 1UZFE
Rudi/RA35GT - MA70 - 4L NA 1UZFE
Robin/mullett - GA61 - 4L NA 1UZFE
Nathan/JCMO - JZA80 Supra - 4L NA 1UZFE
Phil/Sciflyer - UZZ31 Soarer - 4L NA 1UZFE
Paul/MOCA - 67 Mustang - 289CID/4.7L NA Windsor V8
Clint/CLG - 1965 Ford Mustang - 302CID/4.9L NA Windsor V8 - I think?!
Wayne/63futura - 363CID/6L Supercharged Windsor V8

*The actual running order is somewhat fluid - let me know if you have any issues attending on the day?

11:30 onwards - latecomer "run what you brung" RWD followed by any FWD. If you would like to run prior to 11:30 and have not prepaid - call Clint on 0403 733 054 for further direction - we understand weekends can sometimes result in several commitments time wise.

The BBQ will be offering up bacon and egg sandwiches for $3.50ea will be available for breakfast/brunch with free tea of coffee, and sausage dogs with onion, cheese and sauce also at $3.50 each will be offered for lunch, with cans available at $1/can too.

Awards and Prizes:

TECCWA will be offering prizes to paid participants for the following categories:

Highest HP outright
Best return of power for displacement for all naturally aspirated vehicles
Best return of power for displacement for all forced induction vehicles
2 Light hearted awards to be determined on the day - these may relate back to power delivery, performance, accuracy, or error and will be the decision of the officials of the day.

for any further information, please contact Clint on 0403 733 054, I will have the blue "Top Gear" baseball hat on for the day - come and say hello, we look forward to seeing everyone on the day.