TE72 Rolling on Hoshinos


Jun 8, 2006
* Engine
2TG early model with dual side draft 40mm solex carbs
58.5kw 224nm at 5500rpm
3 core radiator
12' thermo fan
2lt Orchy bottle catch can

* Exhaust
4 into 1 tunned length OBX stainless steel extractors
2.25" exhaust with sports stainless steel muffler and twin pipes out the back

* Front Suspension
Cut king springs
kyb excel g shocks
Cusco 30mm RCA's
xt130 Control Arms
21mm swaybar
Cusco Camber Tops
Cusco Strut Brace
New tie rod end ball joints
New wheel bearings
Full nolathane replacement bushes
-2.2 Negative camber
maxed out castor arms
0.7mm toe out

*Rear Suspension
Cut king springs
TRD 8 way adjustable green shocks
Cusco strut brace
Strut brace for harness
AJPS traction brackets
New rubbers on 4 link
Running no sway bar

* Driveline
T-50 gearbox
TRD 4.3
One piece tailshaft

* Interior
No back seats
Sound deadening removed
Repainted white
Nardi wheel with quick release boss kit
Sparco Sprint V Seat
RPM 2" 4 point harness
Bond Roll Bars Full bolt in Cage

Lipped and rolled gaurds
a bit off rust in usual spots

* Wheels
2 hoshinos 14 x 7.5 -2 With Toyo R888 185/60/14 Fronts
2 Hoshinos 14 x 8 -4 With Toyo R888 185/60/14 Rears
2 MA's with 185/60/14 Yoko C-Drive (spares)

King Edward Park on sunday over the long weekend

A very nice home built GT-40 took 6 years to finish

An old pic from Ringwood Park early in the year

XT130 Strut
Peugot 604 vented discs
Hilux 4 pot calpers
Otomoto Sleeve Kit
7kg/mm Spring and helper spring
KYB AGX Shocks
35mm spacer at botoom of strut
QFM Pads

A new pic taken for log book

New Car no rust at only couple little dints.
Will have full weld in cage, full seam weld, convert to rack and pinion steering, 180hp 3tg, disc rear end, the XT130 coilovers in front and plenty of other goodies aiming for it to be finished by the end of the year.

Waiting for spot welding and paint


180 hp 1940cc 3TG
3TG turbo bottom end (crank/block/oil pump/sump)
2TG head
Twin 45mm webers 38mm chokes
89mm forged pistons and floating pins.
Comp 11.5:1 Gapless rings
Tuftrided crank. Shot peened rods with 351W rod bolts
High Volume/high pressure oil pump 80-90 psi
Lightened flywheel and crank pulley. Flywheel dowelled to crank
74/45 Wade Cams
Head Ported. Stiffer outer valve springs
Lower gear drive and upper idler for cams
Piranha Ignition
Race Clutch with ceramic button plate


Jun 8, 2006
Drove at Tamworth Oakburn Park on the weekend of 3rd and 4th was good first time on the track its tight being go kart but still has some good straights. Got a best time of 44.12 im pretty sure but that was only after 3 runs, times where never put up for the 4th run.
Next event will be with the new engine at Kempsey cant wait for some actual power.


Nov 19, 2007
hey dude my best mate has one of these and we want to do the Rack and pinion conversion.
We where thinking of using a Ke70 rack etc my question is can i bolt T series engine mounts onto the K series frame and put that in the car?


Jun 8, 2006
Im using AE71 cross member and steering coloum. KE70 steering coloum is the same.
You need to cut the mounts of the AE71 cross member bolt the cross member into the T-18.
Cut the mounts off the T-18 cross member bolt them up the them engine. Put then engine in place with the gear box mounted onto it and bolted up so its all in the correct place then weld the t-18 mounts to the AE71 cross member.

I hope that makes sense???


Jun 8, 2006
New engine in made 161hp atw really happy with it nearly exactly double the power i had with the 2tg.

Have to thank Dave Ruff at DJR Performance in Taree for his time, letting me use his shop to do the conversion and the dyno time. If anyone in the taree area wants to get a tune done let me know.

Raced at Eastern Creek on the 21/08 in a supersprint did a 1.59.748 was 10 seconds faster then with the old engine so im very happy about that and i broke the 2 minute barrier so even more happy.

Exiting turn 5 about to overtake the jaguar up the hill

Waving on the exit lap to the Girlfriend on turn 2

Out of turn 4

coming into turn 9