sunscreen + awnings


Jul 9, 2007
central coast
hey guys just trying to get my car on the if you have some parts youd like to swap(t series/ coilovers)or if you are a spraypainter/panelbeater just let me know. ive got

a brand new sunscreen 2600w x 4000h colour : paperbark

looks like this

i also have a few awnings around folding arm and strait drop. i dont have the measurements but if you tell me what your after i can cheack to see if i have anything that would do.

oh yeah i have some ceder shutters aswell

if your after anything in particular just ask
I am Abu Clarence from Melbourne city, Australia. Ours have an awnings builder company also which is named Outdoor Designer Shade Company. We offer Modern awnings which are rated for wind tolerance based on width, length, number of supporting arms, and material. We have modern awning which is designed incorporates urethane compression joints, steel support structures and have wind sensors. The White House, Grand Central Station, and The Kremlin are used such designs currently. So you can make an order to us.