Stand up and be counted - State Leaders! for Annual '06


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Feb 27, 2006
Ok guys, this is in regards to this years Annual All Australian AE86 meet. Theres a little over 50days to go (17/10) so its time to slowly start getting a list together of who will be making the drive to Sydney!

Someone put your hand up for STATE LEADER.

This will require:

-You to have mobilephone contact numbers of everyone attending. Giving everyone a phonecall confirmation a few days/the day before everyone is to depart.

-Get a list happeneing (in your state thread, or in here) of which forum members are DEFINATELY coming. Forumname | Realname

-You need to organise A location to all meet up at for the trip to Sydney. Work out things like how long the trip will take you and set the meet times coordingly.

-Work out (in detail) the trip, calculate petrol stops, foodstops, overnight stops? (looks at S.A boys). Note exit roads off the freeway you need to take etc. Basically everyone will be relying on you not to get lost. So have maps etc... is a good resource.

-Workout amongst yourselves before you leave where your actually headed when you arrive in Sydney. And an EXACT route on how to get there, This may be different for different people. So this goes to ALL attending. KNOW WHERE YOUR GOING!


Check the first post of Annual for what you need to have/bring. In addition its obvious; check basic things on your car the day before. Or even do a quick service. Also it might be a good idea to bring some spares along. In a large group of cars something is bound to happen to atleast one car. Perhaps bring that spare battery/alternator/coilpack/fuelpump you have lying around, and things like oil(s)/coolant and tools!


In addition to all mentioned above. You are going to be the contact and be responsible for not loosing your fellow state members. For example when in a large group of cars and one of your state people get lost at the traffic lights 1km back. Thats your job to call them ;) or them to call you! In turn all state leaders can report to Garth or Bathurst-91(Andrew) for info/help.