Set of used Zenki Sprinter Taillights w/ center garnish | Project Mu Racing Lug Nuts


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Nov 18, 2015
Southern California
I'm switching to redline so these have to go, I'm only selling it as a package. I would prefer local pick up since I don't really want to ship it.
Price is $300 pick up.

Also, I am selling a set (20pc) of Project Mu Racing Lug Nuts, sizes are 12x1.50. I'm selling it for $85 shipped or $80 pick up. Fits Most Toyota MR2, AE86, Honda civics, Preludes, Accords Fits, Mazda Miata, Mazdaspeed3 and many other vehicles. Please check your application to be sure For more information,

If interested, please text me at 626-348-1932