QLD - Brisbane AE86 roller/most parts to build a track car


May 17, 2006

For Sale - Brisbane Qld.

ADM AE86 Roller. priced $500-$3000.

Shell for sale was originally red.

Rust wise. its pretty fucking bad. not really suitable for restoration, but fine for a track missile. some areas of the floor are swiss cheese, and the DS door jam is cooked . ill add more photos later. there are other rusty areas too, i have some sections cut from another shell to do repairs etc, which you could weld in, or not bother, but the floors are the issue.

has had a light tap at the front, with a tiny kink in the rail, right near the end, doesnt affect anything.

ive begun patching it up. which includes stitching the DS rear 1/4 together from parts, and the replacement of all fender lips (using section from an ae82). the rear boot floor is cut out, in readiness to fit an EFI fuel tank from a Daihatsu which you can have, though i do still have the boot floor if you wanna weld it back in.

there is a long list of parts, which can be included. i will list all the parts i have. basically though, you are welcome to buy as little or as much as you want, but im not selling small part (i.e parting out) until the shell sells.

i will not be fielding 1000000 questions on here. private message me to give me a rough idea of what you want, and then we can chat on the phone, ill give you my number.

to give you an idea.

shell as a roller, complete with all panels and lights (no glass but i do have the side window trims) All steering and pedals. stock XT struts, junk suspension just to make it roll. $500.

extra parts available with shell

+35mm LCA (cut and shut)
40mm AJPS rca's (raw silver)
p.s knuckles (bought new, less than 10000k)
aftermarket turnbuckles type tie rods
brand new rack ends
brands new AJPS sourced slim version ball joints
Coilovers 60mm shortened with either KYB AGX or Excel-G inserts
8 or 6 kg springs to suit
cusco tops (maybe sp tec, anyway, JDM)
2 x 14x6.5 watanabes with brand new decent grippy 185 55s.
4x 14x7 watas, 2 with 90% tread 185 60s
2x T50s, one JDM, with TRD quick shift
JDM tailshaft to suit T series
T series ra60 celica axle, fully converted to ae86 brackets, including 40mm traction brackets and corrected pinion angle (adjustable arms no longer needed)
2x 4.6 ratios un installed
weir full spool and solid pinion spacer kit uninstalled
CUSTOM AJPS 6kg rear springs, 170mm? ride height as in pictures. 0klms
afco rear shox (speedway brand ) camaro fitment, perfect stroke length, 4 valve.
2x plastic JAZ bucket seats


Silvertop 20v. complete motor with spare cam cover and all loom plugs, with SQ water kit. (yager style, rear bypass, thermostat at front on head)
freshly machined 215mm flywheel with brand new NPC uprated organic clutch, AE86 engine mounts, etc etc.

Also have a small port complete head and complete JDM rwd ae86 4age water kit with RWD alternator bracket and RWD intake manifold (ae86 type) as an option.

there are more spare too which youre welcome to, including assembled 14" volk fins, blah blah blah.

eg piles of 86 rubbish. most of the hard parts are there, you need so fab/assembly skills, a windscreen and an ecu and youre track ready. piece of piss.

<3 Dimitri