[NSW] KE70 with the works

Big T

Jun 27, 2006
Hey all,

I actually never thought this would be for sale and that this would be the last daily I ever bought. Apparently not the case :( Long story short, I had a genuine ae86 imported notchback which was written off. Having 2 young kids, I figured the logical thing was to transfer everything over to a 4 door KE70. Unbeknownst to me, the missus has a long standing, deep seated hatred for the KE after having to push her dad's across the M4 back in the late 80s when it broke down. She was 6 at the time and has held that grudge for almost 30 years. My ae86 was written off while she was overseas and I managed to source a mint stock ke70 and do the swap just before she came back in 2 weeks. Oh the joy of the last 3 months of constant arguing everytime we go for a drive in it. Farking joy. Onto the car:

1984 Slant front white KE70

• AE86 EFI fuel tank with inbuilt surge. Intank pump
• AE86 8mm fuel lines
• Factory KE70 6mm feed used as return
• AE86 charcoal canister moved down chassis to allow for air intake

• AE86 disk brake rear end with handbrake cables
• 4.3 ratio 2 way LSD (looks like a Cusco or OS Giken through the drain hole. Definitely not oem or TRD (no cast marks) and too smooth in operation to be a KAZZ)
• Project Mu pads all round
• Blitz coilovers: Cambertops with 6kg Front 4.5kg Rear. Height adjustable base (both) with new spindles (F) (Have a set of 8/6 springs if preferred)
• AE86 JDM front brakes
• Slotted rotors all round. About 5-6000km on them
• AE86 factory 2 piece tailshaft
• JDM T50 gearbox (proper plastic gears for 4.3 rear so speedo reads correctly)
• Lightweight flywheel (looked like TODA but was not removed to inspect)
• Aftermarket full faced clutch. Still plenty of meat
• New clutch master + slave. Braided clutch line
• 14 X 7 -1 set of Work Equip 03
• New brake master cylinder
• AE86 JDM prop valve installed
• Traction brackets
• ADR approved braided lines all round including rear centre line

• Smallport 4age: all rwd water plumbing, rwd bigport manifold with adaptor plate
• HKS 264 degree 8.35 lift cams. Adjustable cam gears
• TRD ignition leads
• Rebuilt dizzy
• Chrome powdercoated cam covers
• Jasma 4-1 stainless headers
• AE86 full headers back Fujitsubo stainless exhaust (sounds awesome). Stock ceramic coated heat shield.
• Apexi pod filter
• AE86 aluminium radiator. Base brackets from AE86 welded to KE70. Uses AE86 upper brackets
• Twin 10” themo fans wired via relay. Switched at 84 deg
• Themostatic oil cooler and filter relocation
• Brand new oem 1.2kw reduction drive starter motor

• Very clean shell, factory white paint. 150XXXkm on chassis
• Slant front
• AE86 hydraulic clutch installed
• Adjustable strut brace
• Rolled/lipped rear guards
• Every bush replaced with poly bushes (except F sway bar and castor rods… they looked fine)
• Powdercoated rear trailing arms (purple sparkle)
• AJPS Adjustable panhard rod
• AE86 crossmember with rebuilt rack. New rack ends, tie rods, boots.
• AE86 powersteering arms

• Factory stock cream interior. Again, very clean
• Drivers bucket seat can be included for extra $$$ but I need the Sparco base cushions back which are on loan from my other red ae86. The seat never came with base cushions. Will also come with factory seat.
• Aftermarket steering wheel
• Apexi power FC plug and play with adaptor harness (very rare… this is the only plug and play ECU available for the ae86) Comes with FC Commander hand controller. ECU in glove box for easy access.
• Trunk boot popper installed
• Factory AE86 engine loom. All sensors connected to KE70 chassis/dash loom via adaptor loom. Looks very neat and factory.
• Have wired in central locking system but dirty china motors seized on me. Have a new set to go in.
• AE86 JDM accelerator pedal


  • The fuel gauge will not read above 1/3 tank. The stock ke70 sender is being used in the jap tank so it's hitting a baffle somewhere. Never bothered me as the read is accurate BELOW the 1/3 tank and the fuel light works. Bending the sender will fix it.
  • AC system is not installed but I do have everything needed for it. Comes with compressor, ke heat exchanger, lines (converted to r134a) and evap unit. It will need some simple wiring to get it hooked up.
  • There are 2 rust points under the rear boot seal. There is also minor rust in the rear wheel arches. It is still all metal and will not require a cut/weld solution. A good rust converter will be able to get it all I reckon.
  • The front bar is off the car atm as I was trying to retro-fit a panelvan chrome bar. Ran out of time on the project and have just left the reo bar on for the time being. I have both the stock plastic bar and the chrome panelvan bar which can be included with the sale. I can also source rear chrome bars if required.
  • I suspect the input shaft bearing in the gearbox is noisy at idle. Gear changes/syncros are absolutely fine... only makes noise at idle with the clutch out. Thought it might have been worn spigot bearing but replaced that and still has the noise.
  • The cold tune in the Apexi could use a touch up. It always starts fine but the throttle is doughy from 1-2.5k rpm until it gets to around 60 deg water
  • 2 of the Equip 03s have rash, one with a slight lip buckle. Still holds air fine.

Absolutely EVERYTHING I could take from the AE86 was transferred into this KE70, hence all the nice jap bits in it. It is an awesome daily that gets 520kms to 40L of fuel. Rego until Feb 2016. All work was done at Hyper Coatings and Automotive by myself and James who will promptly punch me in the face for selling this after the many long nights we spent getting this thing up and running. Please note, I am currently in the process of importing another car from Japan so the KE70 will not be available for a little while. Unless you happen to have a JZX100 Mark II manual you'd be willing to swap with cash adjustment your way. Inspections are welcome in the meantime. Contact me on zero four zero four double 8 two 314 or via PM on here.

$8500 as is
$7800 with no Apexi FC and cams. Stock ECU and cams will come with it instead
$7200 with no Apexi/cams and stock ke70 wheels
$6600 with no Apexi/cams, stock ke70 wheels and BYO exhaust system
etc etc. Price can be adjusted to suit alternate budgets