New slim line balljoints and tie rod ends - Amazing quality


Jul 6, 2006
Adelaide, Australia
Howdy guys

Ive just got a shipment in of slim line ball joints and tie rod ends suit ae86/ke70 and most other mac strut rwd toyota (ke30-70, xe7x-ae86, xa2x, xa4x, xa6x and rt142, and many more - ask for full list) from 74-87.

The ball joints are BJ145 part number. Tie rod ends are TE489L (will not fit ae86 unless you have dual adjustable tie rod tubes (ra40/ke30, ajps, noby booth etc) which are a necessary upgrade with longer lower arms.

The joints are fully sealed (no grease nipples), filled with molykote2 super high performance grease from the factory. The boot is also sealed to the housing and on the ball joints is further secured with spring wire. They both have micro finished hardened balls and forged casings further increasing smoothness and strength. The boots are much thicker than others ive tried and since they dont need filling the chance of the boot splitting is also nil. Theyre also UV treated so the rubber doesnt perish.

Why buy these ball joints when i can get some from my local autostore (if they have stock)?

My search for the highest quality steering parts started when I was approached by a rally ae86er saying his ball joints only lasts 2 meets if that! Around the same time I was approached by another ae86er who wanted 13inch wheels, low ride height and a 40mm rca. He said he couldnt achieve this as the ball joint scraped on his rim.

A grabbed a ball joint from the local auto parts store for comparison - it was a wasp brand BJ145 - it was 113mm from top of pin to bottom of grease nipple. My joint was 84mm, this distance was all in the bottom section where they were fouling on rims. Im ultra confident in the products and will be offering a replacement warranty if youre not completely satisfied.

Tie rod end from shop was 80 and my tie rod end was 71mm.

These suit restorers who want to refresh their car and have it last for many years to come. Rally and drifters whose cars get harsh use. Cars that need to go over the pits. Car that want to run a large rca with a small wheel.

To get these Ive had to buy quantities of 100 of each which brought the price down quite a bit.

And can offer the ball joints for $35ea

and the tie rod ends for


Please not these will be used excluisively in Kelway LCA and AJPS tie rod end kits.

For this week only ill be offering FREE austrlalia wide shipping.

For those that are interested, theyre manufactured in Taiwan for AJPS to ISO9002 standards. The company is very well established in the manufacture of quality steering parts.

Pics up when i get my cable




(KE2#TE2#) LOW R/L 70-74
    STARLET KP4#, KP5#   73-78
43308-12030 SB-2162 CAMRY/VISTA RA4#,RA5#,TA4#,TA5# LOW R/L 80-82
43308-19035     RT13#,TT13#   78-82
    CORONA AT40.ST140,TT142,CT140.exc/STD   82-87
      KT14TV,TT147V,CT147V   82-87
      YT140,CT140.,STD   82-
      TA 1 #,TA2#,TA3#,TA4#,TA5#,RA 1 #,RA2#,    
    CARINA/CELICA RA3#,RA4#,RA5#.MA4#,MA5#.TA6#,AA63,    
      SA63.RA63,CA60,SA60   81-86
      AA60,SA60G   81-
      KA76A,CA67V,TA67V   81-
    COROWSPRINTER TE5#,TE6#   74-79
      KE6#,AE7#,CE7#,TE7#   79-87
      TE71,AE85.AE86   81-87


AJPS items on the left, another popular brand on right


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Oct 3, 2006
arsehat...could have mentioned these today on the phone...would have grabbed some aswell...gggrrr


Jul 6, 2006
Adelaide, Australia
No, they are made in taiwan by KT.

I told them what I wanted, this is what they gave me.

I cant comment on an AC delco product, but most steering stuff in the world gets reboxed anyway. As long as the original factory that makes it is quality. Seems like over the next few years most joints are going to go sealed.

If you want some other bits dont hesitate to send a pm.


Dec 28, 2007
Western Sydney
I am referring to the ball joints,yes. I had my crossmember spaced down by 10mm,and had an overall strut length that was comparable to using kings super lows and would get binding of the steering when the front was at full droop. It would likely be fine on the ground,but if it ever gets airborne,having the steering stick in one spot would be a bit disconcerting...might not impress an engineer either if the steering binds when he's inspecting the front of the car.

I can give some proper measurements later if required,am just interested to see if these have a wider range than the units I'm running at the moment. I'll grab a pair if they do.