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May 20, 2012
Hey all, newbie here. Went on a 86 cruise today with about 15 people from this forum today. All were so nice so i signed up :p

Anyways i got a POS ke70 flat front.
And it goes like this.

I picked it up for $500 stock with cut springs ready for paint 1 month rego and blown diff after wrapping my old 4age ke70 around a tree that i had for 7 days.

1982 flat front ke70
So far ive done:
CIG locked diff
Cut falcon au springs in rear
AJPS adjustable panard rod
AJPS lock spacer
86 strurs with bilstein coil inserts
86 LCA's
86 steering arms
86 crossmember
Ae71 pedal box
Ae71 clutchmaster

Work being done atm:

Fixxing the rust that old owner left.
Only a little bit at top of rear window
And along the little water gutter thing above doors.

Paint car

Slowly re doing interior due to old owner painting it tan leather colour :s

I have a smallport 4age in it atm with 40mm delorto side drafts from the one i crashed.
T50 box and ae71 tailshaft.

Havnt got it started up yet
Just need radiator. Fans and fan belt. But stuck on getting old snapped crank pulley off atm.

Anyways enough talking. Heres some pics before it went in for paint and motor swap.
And some in garage shit.



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May 20, 2012
okay so its been a long ass time, car hasnt come far haha have lost alot of motivation, BUT JUST GOT IT BACK

Car is all primed ready for colour!
just orderd quad lights and chrome bars last night!
just picked up a mad legit custom loom with fuel setup and computer (get lost stupid european webbers)
dirty limiter come at me bro!

will post pics up in a sec