Motorkhana - Midvale Speed Dome, Sunday June 5, 2011 - 8am


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Hey All

TECCWA's June Event is a Motorkhana/Test and Tune at Midvale!

Date: June 5th (Sunday morning 9am - 1pm, scrutineering from 8am)
Where: Midvale Speed Dome, End of Eddie Barron Drive, MIDVALE, behind the Velodrome!
Cost: $65 for TECCWA members and $75 for Non Members.

Spectators also welcome, please leave the parking spots closer to the gate for people participating though. There is plenty of shade on the hill overlooking the track. Please do not cross the track at any time.

Course looks like this, with strategically placed cones to make different tracks.

You don't need to have a Toyota/Lexus, any car is welcome! So invite your friends!

Cars must be registered.
Current drivers licence required.
Long sleeve shirt, long pants.
Closed and sturdy footwear, no open shoes, thongs or high heels.
Zero blood level for drugs and alcohol.

Cars will be scrutineered, so get there early.
The instructor will check that:
Vehicle is licensed
Tyres are road legal
Brake pedal is firm
Steering is responsive
Seat belts are in good condition
Loose items are removed from the vehicle
Battery is secure and positive terminal is protected
Note: This list is not exhaustive, other things may also be checked.

(Note: There are only 20 spots available for the session, so first in with payments gets to do skids, I.e. Only payments secures spots)

Payment Details:

Bank: Westpac
BSB: 036037
A/C: 336522
Reference: Your surname and car rego

Paid List
  1. RA35GT - V8 Supra
  2. Sciflyer - V8 Soarer
  3. Mole - 6cyl Turbo Supra
  4. Mullett - V8 Supra
  5. Ian - 4cyl Turbo
  6. Bevan - 4cyl NA
  7. Jez - it's a surprise!?!
  8. bmchi - 4 cyl NA
  9. WAYNOFX - 4Cyl NA
  10. VA61DETT - V6TT Supra
  11. Fodder - GT4 Celica
  12. Stomps - 6cyl Turbo Soarer

If you want any further information, please call or email me.

0403 733 054