Looking for that special AE86? Read this first!

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Feb 24, 2006
Sydney, Australia
From my own experience, the car of your dreams won't fall into your lap from just posting an "AE86 Wanted" Ad! These special little Toyotas are now quite a sought after commodity and require a little work to find just the right one for you!

Once you have looked through the cars for sale on here and posted your "AE86 Wanted" ad, you should now get on Carsales, Trademe NZ, other AE86 forums (not just Aussie ones too! There are lots of Aussies on the foreign forums like AEU86 and AE86IRL), OR if you're in the market for an import, contact an import agent and have them look through the Tokyo/Osaka auctions and check out yahoo auctions in Japan!

Here are some helpful links for getting started finding cars in Japan:

Yahoo Auctions - AE86

Yahoo Auctions - Trueno

Yahoo Auctions - Levin

Tube Garage


Goo-Net (Japanese 'Carsales.com.au')

Finally, GOOD LUCK!

All of us here at HR are long-term hachiroku lovers and know that special feeling of owning an AE86, and we hope that this little guide will see you join our ranks as an owner of your very own car, real soon!
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