How to Post Your Members Rides Thread. (Read Before Posting)

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Feb 24, 2006
Sydney, Australia
Dont be shy, postup your sweet ride. It doesnt have to be some outstanding worklog, photo gallery or sheakspearian writeup. This is your little corner of use it! You could treat it as a spec-listing area, the start of a worklog/diary, use it as an art gallery for all your favourite photos or simply ramble on about experiences you've had driving.

If possible make the title Joeblow's Trak Weapon 86 or something unique!

Because if everyone makes their thread names Name's 86 its going to get confusing!

If you need to host any photos use imgur

Also posting your car up will help put names&faces to cars and make this a proper community rather than a forum of 100's of users where you only know a handful of cars/people.
Not open for further replies.