Help me make a decision! Buying another hachi!


Jun 28, 2012
After an S14, an NA6 and an NB8A, I'm sick of all the bullshit - I want another hachi :)
My criteria is as follows:

  1. Must be clean. Absolutely must be clean. Not perfect, but not a rust bucket.
  2. Owner must be open to a reasonable price. AE86's - as much as I love them - are not worth 26k (fuck you Edward Lee) (there are some exceptions to this though)
  3. Must be able to legally register and drive it on NSW roads - I'm happy to get engineering certs for mods, but I would prefer if the car already came with them
  4. Prefer engine swapped with datsun crap. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  5. Whilst I'll drive it around on the road, I would like to be able to take it to the track and have some fun
  6. I'd prefer if it were reasonably competitive at the track (which is where the datsun swaps come into play)

My options so far:
  1. SOLD :( - SR20DET AE86 with Supra gearbox, LSD, coilovers, halfcage, qld modplate (i can transfer my license to qld so I dont have to worry about NSW engineering certs right away)
  2. CA18DET AE86 with nissan/silvia gearbox (guy didn't know which), skyline "rear end" - and that's all I know. The guy didn't give me much detail - has an ACT engineering certificate, so I could probably register it in NSW.
  3. Small port AE86 with mint gearbox, 4:3 LSD, BC gold coilovers all round, newer bushes, clean interior/engine bay, $0.20 worth of rust, and the current owner is awesome - know's his shit and was happy to help with info (these two qualities mean more to me than a good spec list)

Feel free to make my decision harder by throwing more suggestions at me!
Even if it's your car and you're considering selling, but would prefer it to go to a good home, feel free to PM me :)


Sep 12, 2006
Option 3 for sure.

Just keep it simple!! Rev the crap out of the 16v and smile!

Keep it looking original and the cops won't bother you too much.