Group Buy Rules. Please read these before adding a listing.

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Feb 24, 2006
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Before you start, please PM me so I can check that the group buy runs within our rules and won't harm our local traders and community sponsors. It's important to protect our fantastic forum sponsors because without them HR wouldn't exist!

The Rules

1. Full disclosure of organising party's details (that's you) are required on initial post. This mean your full name, email and mobile number. Doing so helps ensure transparency with the interested group buyers and helps to boost trust with prospective group buyers when dealing with large sums of cash.

2. List all manufacturers and dealers who you will be organising the group buy with, provide their name and email address/mobile phone number also. Website link to the exact part on their website (if applicable) will also be helpful.

3. Be specific about parts and part details - No one want's to order something they can't actually fit!

4. Share this forum link with other groups/forums/communities/facebook mates - You never know who checks the forum regularly and who doesn't! But, please note - try and keep all transactions in one place! This helps everyone who commits to the group buy to follow it all in the one central place!

5. Post your group buy and feel good about doing your part to help your friends mod their hachirokus! :like:

If you have any further questions, please PM me before posting.
Not open for further replies.