Front Bumper Gap, Adjustment Possible?


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Dec 23, 2012
North West NSW
Hi all, looking to get rid of the ~1cm gap between the front lights/grill and the stock bumper.

I see some pictures with a gap and some without, i'm using a new Zenki bumper with brand new OEM mounts. I couldn't see anywhere possible to adjust the mounts to have a nice flush fit. Maybe the gap is supposed to exist? Not sure.

Example of gap (not my car):

No Gap:

It's an 80's car,don't expect panel gaps like on new cars.

If where the bar attaches to the guard and where it runs past the inducatior is straight,there's not much you can do about the gap under the lights.

Filing and shimming the brackets would reduce it some,but it'll never be like something newer,they just weren;t made that way.
My own Trueno has brand new light covers and a mint condition bar on it,and it's gaps aren't perfect either. My panelbeater spent several hours trying to align all the individual pieces,and it's pretty good,bar where the indicator meets the light on the LH side. It's not perfect though,and never will be,these cars just aren't precisely aligned.