EOI- 83 JDM Trueno Coupe


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May 29, 2010
Hey guys, keep in mind this isn't a sale. I'm looking to know what it would be worth to someone. Mods if this isn't cool, please delete.

-83 JDM Trueno Coupe
-Located Townsville, QLD
-124xxx on dash, About 6000 on engine
-4 months QLD rego
-Blacktop 20v, 143hp
-Good T50, disc T series, good 4:3's, mechanical locker

-One Small area of rust on front quarter panel, paint is average, body is straight
-Fibre glass skirts
-Kouki bars
-ClimAir rain visors
-Full set 15x7.5 Long champs with 90% R888
-Full set 14x7 Watanabes with 95% RE001

-Reconditioned manual rack and new bushes
-Power steering knuckles
-GAB strut brace
-Front GAB fully adjustable 8kg coilovers
-Rear GAB damper adjst shocks, 6kg springs, adjustable platforms
-TRD sway bars
-Rose jointed LCA's
-Camber tops
-Prothane bushes
-Rose jointed panhard rod
-Welded rear strut brace
-Rear body brace
-Traction brackets
-Body seam welded

-Braided brake lines
-RDA slotted rotors
-QFM pads
-Rebuilt JDM calipers
-Resealed booster
-Resleeved master cylinder
-Cusco master cylinder stopper

-Dual ECU controlled thermos
-King bearings
-ARP rod bolts
-Spool rods
-CP 12:1 pistons
-ARP head studs
-Kelford 194-C 284/278 cams
-Kelford valve springs
-T3 adjustable 16v exhaust cam gear
-Head reconditioned with clean up of ports and bowls
-60mm SamQ stacks
-Unifilter filters
-RSR modified 16v 4-1 extractors
-No cat, HKS HiPower cat back
-SamQ RWD conversion parts
-Adaptronic E420C, COP's and Kaizen garage loom
-Earls oil filter plate and 13 bar oil cooler
-Exedy heavy duty clutch and pressure plate
-New water pump, radiator, tensioners and all seals
-Starter and alternator rebuilt

-Seam welded
-Mod plated two seater
-New carpet
-Autometer oil pres, oil temp, water temp gauges
-Nardi deep corn
-Good dash
-Painted black inside
-Velo GP90 on custom rail
-Velo 4 point harness
-JDM door cards, centre console
-5 point Safety 21 bolt in cage
-Average stereo setup

It's a complete, quick and fun package.

Might have missed a few things, read through my build thread for more info and pics, thanks.