Enthusiast's Warehouse Mission Statement & Contact Details

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Feb 24, 2006
Sydney, Australia
The team here at Enthusiast's Warehouse have been professionally involved in the automotive industry since 1996 and it is our mission to find and supply the highest quality parts to you, the car enthusiast for the best possible price, as quickly as possible.

Whatis an 'enthusiast' ?

An enthusiast is a person who's interest and dedication to their pursuit goes beyond that of simple entertainment or diversion. They feel it,they live it, it's a part of WHO THEY ARE, not just what they do.

Here at Enthusiast's Warehouse, we understand the passion.

Whether you drive it every day, bring it out only on the weekends, race it whenever you get the chance, or even just take it from show to show, we understand what it means to be an enthusiast.

A car enthusiast sees his chosen vehicle as more than just a method to go from A to B.

It's an expression of who he sees himself as, of how he wants to be perceived by the people around him and it's often the object of immense pride. Pride of ownership, pride of achievement and pride in the knowledge that it is unique. No two enthusiasts' cars are exactly the same.

Our goal is to bring you the parts you need to make your car exactly how you want it, and to keep it in the condition you know it deserves.

Street, Show, Circuit, Drag or Drift, we've got you covered.

Contact details:

Name: Justin Ferguson
Address: P.O. Box 812
N.S.W 2126

email: Sales@enthusiastswarehouse.com.au
web: www.enthusiastswarehouse.com.au
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Enthusiasts-Warehouse/505402872831692
ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com.au/Enthusiasts-Warehouse
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