DO NOT trade unless you have organised REAL-WORLD contacts!

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Feb 24, 2006
Sydney, Australia
I'm amazed by the number of people who only have PM's as a way of contacting someone, send them their money, then when the person is unresponsive they contact site admins and ask what to do.

Your failure to protect yourself online is NOT THE ADMINS PROBLEM. We don't have the resources to arbitrate trading disputes and there's no way we can tell if either side is telling the truth.

It is up to YOU to arrange real-world contact details (real name, phone number, postal address, at the very least a non-free email address) BEFORE sending someone on the internet your money. Use your brain! If the person doesn't want to give you that info, don't trade with them!

If you believe you are a victim of online fraud, the Australian High Tech Crime Centre has a page which outlines what you should do. Report it to your local police. HR will happily hand over any and all info we have about the person in question, but we are FORBIDDEN BY LAW to give out private info about our members, except to the Police or a Court. So no, we CAN'T give you the person's email address - you should have gotten it yourself first before trading. Get the cops to contactus via email and we'll give the info to them.

Good Luck and Use Common Sense.


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Feb 27, 2006
A rule regarding EDITING sold items

A rule regarding EDITING sold items

A. Once you have done a deal and an item is sold DO NOT delete the details of the sale.

- You can edit the topic title or post details and add a [SOLD] notification next to the original title/details but do not remove the details or topic title.

Reasoning: Down the line when there are 100's of sales to go through and an item pops up you want to be able to know how frequent that item is and how much it has sold for in the past using the search function.

If you delete topic titles and details and prices its removing valuable market info for forum members

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