Daily driver, Australian-delivered hatch ideal for project


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Nov 7, 2012
Gundaroo (near Canberra)
First time offered is my much-loved old AE86 hatch. She's an Australian delivery (Sprinter) and I use it as a daily driver. Engine is the single cam 1.6. Five speed with Watanabe wheels and Firestones. NSW regoed until January. Blew a head gasket about six weeks ago but fully fixed by Jess and Darren @ Sutton Automotive (who will vouch for the car) and running better than ever. I dragged it out of a garage in Tarago (near Goulburn) about 10 years ago (where it had previously been unused for about 4 years) and it sat in my garage for about three years until I could get brakes, suspension and engine (a reco, has done about 25,000km) redone. It doesn't get driven in traffic (my commute is all highway).
To be completely frank: it's no looker. Paintwork (red) is well-faded (rustic and characterful) and interior is tired (cracks in the dash and steering wheel, worn carpets, vents floppy, faded seat fabrics, the usual) but goes very well, very reliable. I'm building a house so don't have time or money for another project (but think I'm going to regret this decision in a couple of years). Would make a great starter project. Car has always lived inland, so no rust. Minor body damage on the right hand front fender at the driver's door hinge side (where my son reversed with the door open, clipped a tree and bent the door back a bit further than it should go). I really want the car to go to someone who will love it and appreciate it. Looking for about $5K. Thanks, Peter B Ph 0403 062652