Cruise & BBQ - 29/07/12


Oct 19, 2006
A few of us are getting the new 86 and would be awesome to hit up some twisties!
I know there is more then enough AE86s out there to make this a successful cruise.

Date: Sunday 29/07/12

Time: 9:30am - Leaving at 10:00am

Meeting point: Lilydale Lake (Will also have another meeting point for the westside people to drive down to Lilydale)

Drive down to King Lake Road

Lunch: BBQ at Sugar Loaf Reservoir

There will be another drive after the BBQ for those that are interested.

Join the event because it will be easier to send out notification, if anything changes.

For those interested in the drive please meet at Lilydale Lake.
For those that only want to meet up for the BBQ only, you can head straight to Sugar Loaf around 12:00pm.

I will be handing out maps of the route when we meet up at Lilydale lake.
If you have a CB radio it will be handy.
Please come with a road worthy car.
Reckless driving will NOT be tolerated, lets try to keep it safe and not attract any unwanted attention.

Please post in this thread if you are interested, some I know how many people to expect and how much food to buy.