All Toyota cruise

Toyota only cruise

8th feb 09

im lazy so im just gonna copy and paste the email lol

Hey guys, finally got around to getting all the details for this cruise together! As it stands, we're meeting at the library along Sports Drive, Springwood at 9.30am on Sunday the 8th. Here, I'll be collecting donations ($10 going to RSPCA), waiting for some of the less on-time cars to show up, organising the groups and handing out the maps. From there, we'll go straight up the Gateway until we get to the Pumicestone Road turnoff - just past Caboolture, about an hour and a half's drive. A little bit along that road we're going to stop at Humble Pie, who have a large carpark and have said we're allowed to stop there. After lunch, we'll get back on the Bruce Highway, take the Steve Irwin Way turnoff then make our way just past Montville to Kondalilla Falls, where we're going to stop. From there, you have a choice - you can go walking through the national park, follow our non-Toyota guide (he's not cruising with us, just going to have people follow him around some good driving roads he knows in the area) or go back into town (there is limited parking, however) for some of their epic fudge. At around 3.30-4, everybody can meet up again at the falls and we'll make our way home.Some things that are important for the day:*it's a $10 donation per person, not per car. I'd prefer it if people only brought along one other passenger. Donations will be collected before we leave the carpark at Springwood.*no stupid stuff. I have all your rego's and if I find out you've been excessively speeding, cutting off other drivers or just acting like a dickhead, I have no problems with passing these details onto police. If you do see somebody doing something stupid ignore them and just let me know - don't try to do anything about it yourself.*There will be a lucky door prize (so to speak) donated by myself, and another prize for everybody's favourite car (so make sure yours is nice and clean!). I'll have a voting form on the bottom of the map I'm handing out.*There are four groups - daily (lead by myself in a white Paseo), classic (lead by John in a yellow KE55 Corolla), modifieds (lead by Mark in a dark purple MR2) and the girls group (lead by Hanim in a purple -I believe- EP82 Starlet). I'll introduce them when we're at Springwood.*A very generous person has offered to donate 4 boxes of spring water, which will be kept in an esky. They are available for a gold coin donation, which has to be given to me at any of the stops. Things you will need:*A full tank of fuel - we'll probably do somewhere around 300km on the day so make sure you have enough for that.*Money for donation, toll, any bottled water, lunch, fudge, etc.*A pen, although I'm sure if you forget somebody will lend you one.*A refedex wouldn't hurt.*Most of all, a good attitude and being eager to have some fun while remaining sensible! If you have any queries, you can contact me either on this email, or MSN ( or by texting me on 0430290810. I've included a map and some directions attached :) Thanks guys, can't wait till the day!

Anyone driving a Toyota is more then welcome!
sorry its last minute but final details were only just given to me.