AJPS.com.au sales - October


Jul 6, 2006
Adelaide, Australia
Hi guys - got a bit of excess stock

Will do a proper update later this week

QFM A1rm for FC/FD x2 $110pr
Panhard rods ae86, ke70 and celica $169ea
Ae86 rear harness brace $150 (single harness mount)
Rear bilsteins $500pr
HSD coilover kit 8kg $300pr
Cusco engine mounts 4age $200pr
Ae86 Braided lines $175pr
RCA – 40mm, 50mm and ma61/corona type
RX7 brake adapters $289pr
S13 rear brake adapters $189pr
Cusco flags $44ea
Tie rod ends – motorsport and normal $179pr or $70pr
W5x shifter kits $88 shipped
T50 shifter kits with gaskets $50 shipped
Genuine Clock surrounds $25 shipped
AJPS shirts = various sizes etc $25ea
Brake caliper seals $55pr
Ae86 dash mats $88 shipped
Genuine Hinges $150pr
Madhouse lip $300 shipped to east
Lock spacers $50
Rear springs $220pr (3.5 and 4.5 in stock)
Rebuilt LCA $250
Surge tanks $239ea 1 left
Slim line ball joints back in stock next week

Pm or email

will bundle shipping and I am back now so pick up is available again