Ae86 shootout 2009 Europe


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We are organising another Ae86 shootout in April.
Due to missing interest in the event it has to take place during a regular trackday of ours, but will still be a lot of fun.

There will be 3 classes.

Class 1:
springs, shocks, tyres and wheels are free to choose.
Everything else has to be stock

Class 2:
4ag 16V has to be in the car, no engine swaps
Road legal to our definition

Class 3

We got a track in France it is called Anneau du Rhin. Really close to the German boarder and not far from Switzerland.

Price per car is 220.- Euro.

Driving will be going on from 9-12 and 13-17.

Registration forms can be found here: 28.04.09 adr.pdf

If yo want to join you better act fast, the day is almost full.

For questions please contact me via e-mail.