AE86 parts WEIGHT listing.

Driver 86.8kg (will be 62kg come race day)
Edit: now 73kg

AE92/AE101 flywheel 6.85kg

AE86 ADM/SR front seat 12.5kg
heater fan 2.2kg
heater unit, no coolant 2.85kg
dash board 3.2kg
wiring harness for the whole vehicle + instument cluster + wiper motor 12kg
slim motorbike battery, 17AH 5.65kg

passenger pete

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Apr 2, 2007
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Weight loss AE85 notchy
back set 13.2 kg
tar 15.2
firewall blanket thing 5.4
back carpet 2.4
front carpet 5.0
front seat D= 17.4
p= 15.8
seat belt stuf (inc brackes, bolts, ect) 3.2
aircon unit (everything) 13.2
back door cards 1.8
front door cards 4.0
head lining (inc plistic trim ect) 3.6
screw's bolts and clips 7.0
bracing out of doors
inc winder stuf 6.4
number plate lights and clips 1.0
parcil tray and trim
inc sun visor 2.8
lightend loom and unused wire 6.2
bracing out of bonet 4.4
hing's of boot 2.0
back window 7.6
door glass 3.8 each 7.6
back side glass 4.4
fule tank emty 14.


May 27, 2006
hey guys an interesting one here, just wondering which ways more, a hatch or a coupe. stripped of all glass motor rims everything.

as some one said it maybe on the ae86 parts list dvd, but i dont have access so if anyone have any info i would loe to know, also the difference in weight from a full trueno head light setup with motor and all compared to a levin with indicator attached.

cheers guys,


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Oct 29, 2008
4age alternator 3.9kg
4age trd engine rubber mounts 785g
4age oil cooler 711g
radiator fan with viscous coupling 1375g

GT-S hubs with bolts,without nuts and wheel bearings 2145g each
outer tierods 435g each
TRD/TTE lower front control arm ( extended 15mm and boxed) 1780g each
stock tension rod with bushing 1145g each
tension rod bracket 1685g each

upper 4link arms 1070g each
lower 4link arms 1250g each

front ventilated discs 231mm 3755g each
caliper for ventilated discs approx 3kg each
bracket for front caliper 700g each

rear discs 3055g each
rear calipers without pads 3035g each