AE86 Parts Available

Hi Alby,

No problem,the only dumb question is the un-asked one.

While the rack ends will physically bolt onto either rack,we recommend using the appropriate model for the rack you have as their ball joint positions differ by approx. 10mm per side and this will alter the steering geometry.

Tie rods are identical for both steering systems.

We can supply you a set of these to suit power steering if you'd like to order a set.
Please email us at and we'll sort it out for you.


GPC Steering Rack Boots are now available.

We have items in stock to suit AE86 & AE71 with either Manual or Power Steering racks at $9.50 each,plus shipping.
Please contact us for a quote on boots to suit other models.

We also have a GATES Racing Timing Belt in stock to suit 4AG(Z)E 16V engines.
Forum price on this item is $81.50 Plus shipping.