AE86 Parts Available

We have the following currently available for the AE86.

Please note that all of our listings are for parts that are IN STOCK , in Australia right now, unless noted otherwise.

All of our items are listed elsewhere in addition to being listed on this forum, so currently stocked items can change without notice.
Please send us a message, or post in the relevant thread about any item(s) that you are interested in purchasing.

Payment can be made by Direct Bank Deposit or Paypal.

Shipping is by Courier, or Regular Australia Post Parcel Services and will be quoted to you prior to shipping.

Pickup is available by arrangement.
Gates Racing Timing Belt for 4AG(Z)E 16V:
Forum Price: $81.50 Plus Shipping.

Super Pro AE86 Manual Rack Bushing Kit
Price: $ 35.00 Plus Shipping.

4AGE Timing Belt Tensioner Kit - For Slack side of Belt. To suit 16v and 20v engines.

Forum Price: $175.50 Plus Shipping.

Stainless Steel Hatch/Boot Latch Kit.
Forum Price: $31.00 Plus Shipping.

Transteeering Rack ends: Manual and Power Steering versions available.
Forum price: $70.00 a pair plus Shipping.

Transteering Tie Rod Ends.
Forum Price: $70.00 a pair plus Shipping.

GPC Steering Rack Boots. In stock for AE71/AE86 Manual & Power Steering Racks.
Forum Price: $9.50 each Plus Shipping.



New Member
May 12, 2012
Sorry for the Noob question, Looking for a Rack end like the above for power steering

I'm assuming I cannot fit the URAS ones to a power steering rack?

is there any difference between the manual steering and power steering rack end - tie rod ends?