AE86 Model History & Chassis Build Dates!

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All the information here-in is based on the Japanese Domestic Market

1. AE86 came in 2 models types:
> Corolla Levin (Fixed Head Lights) (also known as a 'Toyota Sprinter' in Australia)
> Sprinter Trueno (Popup Head Lights) (also known as 'Corolla GT-S' in America)

2. Each of these 2 model types came in either:
> Coupe (2 doors with a 'boot'. usually called a '2-Door')
> Hatchback (2 doors with a lift hatch. usually called a '3-Door')

3. Each model and model type has 2 major model grades and around 5 subgrades. These 2 grades came with 'Lasre' 4A-GE (Bluetop/Big-port) as the standard engine.

> GTV/GT - (the GTV was 3 door only, the GT was 2 door only) pure sports model with weighty items shaved off. comes with the same grade "Lasre Pegasus" suspension, diff and interior trim parts as the GT Apex grade without the 'luxury' components. Bodykit (mentioned below) is also an option as well as Power steering, sunroof and Aircon. All disc brakes as standard, front discs are vented (not slotted or drilled.. VENTED)

> GTAPEX - luxury model with the most options. Comes with everything the GTV does but with lots of optons such as : Power windows, power steering, cruise control, sunroof, power mirrors, climate control, (Aircon is standard), digital gauge cluster, better pioneer stereo, body kit (front lip, sideskits + rear spoiler 'lip') note: if selecting the manual rack in a gtapex you will not get the power steering arms like you do with the GTV.

> AE85 SUBGRADES - (all with 3A-U engines)

> SR - 'best' lowest base model - also the only 3-door AE85 available. Usually equipped with crappy seats and interior trim (same as the ADM 'Toyota Sprinter' Interior). Suspension and differential are lower grade with no LSD as standard. Drum Brake Rear end. Pretty boring model, not as many sold.

For Trueno - SE, XL, XL-Lisse, SL (all 2-door with 1.5L 3A-U Engines)

For Levin - SE, GL, LIME (all 2-Door with 1.5L 3A-U Engines)

> RHYME / XL-Lisse was a model specifically aimed at girls. It has the plush GT Apex-esq interior including the wheel. It's got power steering and aircon/power windos/climate control aswell. But 'obviously' chicks dont need the performance of a 4A-GE and an LSD so they get the open 's-series' diff and a 3A-C.)

4. AE86's were manufactured from early 1983 to mid 1985 and from late 1985 to late 1987 (AE86's were only sold in Australia between 1983 to 1985 Under the name 'Toyota Sprinter')

each of these two periods have names:

> cars manufactured between 1983 - mid 1985 are called "Zenki" loosely meaning "first" in japanese

> cars manufactured between late 1985 - 1987 are called "Kouki" loosely meaning "after or 'second'" in japanese

AE86's were built in 2 factories in japan. The way to distinguish what factory an AE86 was built in is via the model/serial number. A number beginning with a zero (plant id# - 0 is A52) comes from Tahara plant and a number beginning with a five (plant id# - M21) comes from Takaoka (i think?) factory. (eg AE86-0000001 or AE86-5000001)

there were many changes in the exterior and interior appearance (notably the front bars and lights and the rear tail lights) and some in the changes of the differential (larger, stronger axle splines for the 'kouki') and engine specs between "Zenki" and "Kouki" but very minimal changes overall.

Some very rare Information on these specific changes badly translated from (
May of 58 - January of 59
AE86-0000001 - 0044198
AE86-5000001 - 5031663

Generally 58 year system and 1 type, it is the type which is called the super previous term.
By your are this type. (With, almost there is no trace of 58 year type, but...)

There is no setting of the sport package.
Super the color which such as blue metallic becomes minor is set afterwards.
Rearview mirror spring return system.
The rear wiper when stopping has been side. As for GTV, with clock and set option. As for the rear window ぅ heat wave and the set option which have been written in the certain book lack of confirmation.
Single horn. (There is no either wiring for double and, there is no either mounting hole of suicide seat side)
By the way, horn of the previous term (only after the January of 59 of radiator light/write and radiator left of light/write rear) is attached to position.
As for レビン, only GT-APEX having become the grille of the working air intake, as for the other things the lateral stripe (? ) It has become grille form.
The windshield has become the tempered glass.
The high metal two ton of GT-APEX (silver black) the glass has stopped being the bronze glass (the red っ ぼ) with with the body curler other than.
Interior, are three types of red, blue and brown the body color, depending upon the grade.
As for setting color, as follows (only the color which verifies)
White 038 (GTV and GT)
Lead-lead 3D7 (GTV and GT)
Silver metallic 147 (GTV and GT)
High-tech two ton 2N2 (black and white, GT-APEX and GT)
High flash two ton 2M9 (it is dark red, GT-APEX and GT)
High metal two ton 2M8 (silver black, GT-APEX and GT)
Blue metallic 8A9 seems 85 private colors.... (Lack of confirmation)

February of 59 - May of 60
AE86-0044199 - 0160183
AE86-5031664 - 5061954

Generally 59 year system and 2 types, it is the type which is called the previous term. Improvement of the place where (disrepute) there is an inconvenience mainly with 58 year system and correction and the addition with legal amendment it is main. Don't you think? it is the person, generally known small improvement.
Setting of the sport package adds. (The front spoiler, the ria jauntily Ra and the leather volume steering wheel, the leather volume shifter)
Rearview mirror yes falling down system of crane crane.
The rear wiper when stopping has been length.
It has become double horn.

May of 60 - October of 60
AE86-0160184 - 0195584
AE86-5061955 - 5066625

Generally 60 year system and 2.5 types, latter-term previous term (? ) With it is said, it seems. It is generally known minor change.
The bumper, modification to the form where lovely the front spoiler which seems is attached. As for トレノ, around turn signal cornering lamp (only GT-APEX) for installing, enlargement.
Form modification of grille. トレノ it meaning that the bumper center rises became small. レビン to be designed standardized, only GT-APEX the fog internal organs.
The light/write, only yellow valve conversion and レビン modifies to the shape where the black line is attached to the top and bottom. Only GT-APEX cornering lamp standard equipment.
The rear bumper, the plural side lines entering, is corrected to shape, in order the mudguard to be able to make a little the arch part of the rear tire, form is modified.
As for the tail lamp, way vertical width is felt thinly, modification of design. Modification to the shape where the vicinity of number is surrounded with the plastic.
Interior, was modified to all black systems.
The rearview mirror modifies to surface roughly type.
4th gear AT were added to GT and GT-APEX.
The power window option was set to GT-APEX.
デジパネ of 3 doors GT-APEX became option setting.
The rear wiper of GTV standard equipment.
Installation position of horn moves to radiator upper.
The windshield, modification to glass laminate.
The bronze glass only of GT-APEX became black seductive.
The front spoiler was gone from the sport package, side mad guard was added.
Also wiring is modified various types.
Setting color is, as follows
White 041 (GTV and GT)
Lead-lead 3E6 (GTV and GT)
Medium grey metallic 159 (GTV and GT)
Silver & metallic 148 (GTV and GT)
High-tech two ton 2T7 (black and white and all grades)
High flash two ton 2T6 (it is dark red, all grades)
High sonic toning 2X1 (black silver, all grades)

October of 60 - April of 62
AE86-0195585 - 0280985
AE86-5066626 - 5079480

Generally 61 year system, 62 year system and 3 types, it is the type which is called the latter term 'Kouki'. Trouble measure (? ) It is the small revised model.
The drive shaft diameter which is while hoe singing becomes thick, also the diff. is modified simultaneously
January of 61 (lack of confirmation) from, special specification car BLACK LIMITED (black 204) was added to トレノ.
so thats about it. ive missed a lot of specifics out which i can no doubt answer if you ask.

also if you dont understand the dates ('October of 60' etcetc)
its because its in the Japanese 'calendar of emperors'.

Starting with Meiji, the Japanese calendar period changed when the Japanese Emperor of the period passed away. They are (in order) : Edo (1603 until September 7, 1868), Emperor Meiji (September 8, 1868 to July 29, 1912), Taisho (July 30, 1912 to December 24, 1926), Showa (December 25, 1926 to January 7, 1989) and currently we are in Heisei (began on January 8, 1989 and this year, being 2006, is 'Heisei 18')

now that the lesson is done. here are the common dates for AE86 production years. You might see them on import sheets etc as 'S60' etc

1983 = Showa 58
1984 = Showa 59
1985 = Showa 60
1986 = Showa 61
1987 = Showa 62


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Feb 27, 2006
Ok kiddies, to add to that. Heres a list of build dates by chassis code. Yes you can now find out when your cars birthday was (you can narrow it down to a day by calculating production per month/per day) :)

  • Body Type: AE86

    Tahara Plant: AE86-00.....
    Year Jan...... Feb....... Mar...... Apr...... May...... Jun....... Jul....... Aug...... Sep....... Oct....... Nov...... Dec......
    1983......................................................0000001 0003397 0006527 0009447 0014690 0021812 0027668 0034052
    1984 0040861 0046787 0053634 0060462 0067804 0075431 0082712 0089798 0096815 0104131 0112170 0119908
    1985 0127033 0134145 0140845 0147888 0156364 0164628 0172586 0181898 0186790 0192760 0198769 0204300
    1986 0209441 0214788 0220159 0225554 0230818 0235767 0240620 0245724 0249038 0253827 0258822 0262548
    1987 0266118 0269578 0273648 0278157 0281000 0283279 0285596

    Takaoka Plant: AE86-50.....
    Year Jan...... Feb....... Mar...... Apr...... May...... Jun....... Jul....... Aug...... Sep....... Oct....... Nov...... Dec......
    1983......................................................5000109 5002359 5007083 5013074 5017456 5022493 5026427 5029088
    1984 5030790 5032580 5036283 5041086 5044900 5047997 5051062 5054562 5056462 5057284 5057978 5058682
    1985 5059281 5059875 5060492 5061237 5061727 5062252 5062709 5064015 5064793 5066101 5067209 5067858
    1986 5068497 5069221 5069820 5070543 5071758 5073218 5074635 5076874 5077671 5078297 5078791 5079063
    1987 5079187 5079272
taken from:

Also. I can't believe no ones done this before but here goes.

TOTAL NUMBER OF AE86s produced = 364868


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Nov 22, 2006
I wonder how many of that 364,868 still exist...

One thing I wanted to ask tho, is the each months number the first off the line in that month, or the last? ie, was there 1 hachi made in May '83, or 3396?
If it is the first, that raises the question to what happened to the first 108 that were made at the Takaoka plant.


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Feb 27, 2006
//Original post edited to due incorrect information

Good question about the 108 with 50 chassis.

To calculate dates 1 - 3396 were made in May whilst 3397 was the first in June etc....

I wonder who has "0000086" :)


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Nov 22, 2006
bathurst-91 said:
I have taken it as 'it is the last number produced in that month' So 1 was made in May (the test of production line im guessing?) and then 2 - 3397 in June and 3398 - 6527 in July. etc etc.
The question is then... why does the little plate under my bonnet say "AE86 0004443 Jun 83" :)


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Just have to add a bit about GTV/GT Apex suspension, they are NOT the same

Spring Rates Front/Rear 1.8kgm/mm 2.2kg/mm
Front sway bar 21mm
Rear sway bar 15mm
front damper rates 37/110 (comp/rebound)
rear damper rates 50/100

GT Apex
Spring Rates Front/Rear 1.6kg/mm 1.85kg/mm
Front sway bar 21mm
Rear sway bar 14mm
front damper rates 35/75
rear damper rates 30/58

GT apex non power steer turns lock to lock 3.5:1
GTV non power steer turns lock to lock 3.0:1