AE86 JDM, Cusco & Bride

Little Jon

New Member
May 26, 2008
Hi All,

I have some AE86 parts that I'm not using on my 86 anymore.

1. GT-Apex Door Cards - with Regulator Handles. Doesn't include arm rests - $250.00 - Located in Parramatta, NSW

2. AE86 Cusco Front Strut Brace - SOLD - Located in Parramatta, NSW

3. Bride Seat - Sides have been recovered in leather - $300.00 - Located in Parramatta, NSW

4. R32 Drivers Bride rail modified to suit S13 - $120.00 - Located in Parramatta, NSW

5. AE86 FGK Headers and exhaust - This is the exhaust that was on my car when it came from Japan. I believe it's the Fujitsubo Super Ex Headers.
Please note the rear muffler is toast and will require replacement. $300.00 - Sorry no pictures on this as they are in storage in Brisbane, QLD

Please note all items excluding the exhaust is located in Parramatta, NSW and all are pickup only.

PM or contact me via 0432 801 032