A hairdresser's car, my NA6


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Jun 5, 2012
Hi guys,

I see and chat to a couple of AE86 owners every now and then at work (let me know if you recognise me :D) and have to admit...an AE86 notch back has been on my list of cars to own for a long while now. Thought I'd share my current money pit as I lurk the forums.

Nearly ended up with an ADM for my first car but that fell through. Fast forward 5 years to now a couple of cars have come and gone. Somewhere along the line 2 years ago I ended up with this, a bone stock 1992 Mazda MX5...and this one seems to have stuck. Only car I've owned long enough to have to renew the rego on. :oops:

The day I picked it up.

Somewhere along the line.

I was rather happy with the car at that stage and stayed that way for the better part of the year, only mods were coilovers, wheels and a couple of bits and pieces here and there.

Best mod was getting out to the track as much as possible.

Went from a 1:23.67 at the end of my first day at Wakefield down to a 1:16.64 after 6 or so track days.

Was nearing the end of my P's and kept toying with the idea of selling the car in favour of something turbo. Turbo charging the MX5 never really crossed my mind, just seemed to make so much more starting off with a car that came turbo from factory.

Well what do you know...over the next 6 months I started accumulating all the necessary bits and pieces for a basic turbo set up.

As it stands today...when not a foot in the air on jack stands.

1992 Mazda MX5 1.6L

1.6L B6
ARTech Stainless Log Manifold
Garrett GT2554r Turbo
Speedflow Fittings
ARTech Stainless Separated Gasses Dump Pipe
2.5” Custom Stainless Exhaust with High Flow Cat
Custom Intake and Pod Filter
Front Mount Intercooler with Flyin’ Miata Piping
Bosch 570cc Injectors
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
52mm ASI Aluminium Radiator
MX5 Plus Coolant Reroute
Aero-Flow Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Innovate LC1 Wideband
Haltech Boost Solenoid
Haltech Platinum Sport 1000

5 Speed Manual
Exedy HD Clutch
NB8C Rear End Conversion with 3.9 Ratio Type 2 Torsen Diff

NB8B Front and Rear Calipers
Carbotech XP12 Front and Rear Pads
BC Racing Type BR Coilovers
NB8B Front Sway Bar
949racing Sway Bar End Links
Flyin’ Miata Frame Rails
Flyin’ Miata Butterfly Brace
Cusco Type OS Front Strut Brace
MX5 Plus Single Hoop Roll Bar

Street: 15x9 +10 Work Equip 03’s in 205/50/15 Kuhmo KU31
Track: 15x8 +35 Enkei PF01’s in 225/45/15 Toyo R888

Garage Vary Front Lip
Vented Headlight Cover
M-1028 Style Mirrors
Rear Trunk Spoiler
NB OEM Black Hard Top
Pumped Guards

Sparco Junior Drivers Seat
Sabelt 4 Point Drivers Harness
350mm Momo Prototipo Steering Wheel
Pioneer Head Unit
52mm Autogauge Water Temperature Gauge
52mm Autogauge Oil Temperature Gauge
52mm Turbosmart Boost Gauge
52mm Digital Innovate A/R Gauge

Currently in the process of getting the car engineered. Couple of small things left to sort out but should be done soon, just been way too busy with uni lately to get anything done on the car.

By no means am I anywhere near done with this car yet, but one day I will own a notch back. :)