3sGTE AE86 250rwkw, Brand New Everything, Over $55k Receipts


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Jun 10, 2009
Looking at parting with my baby. I am now able to get back on a bike, as such need to make some room in my shed and get some cash together (2x bikes @ $14k a piece :S). I am not needing to sell this, please dont send through low ball offers as I simply dont have the time for them. I wont be parting this out, will be sold as a whole (with the spares I have for it) or not at all. I have (to date) over $55k in receipts here for it, read the specs and inspect the photos and you'll see clearly where that money has gone into it.

For sale: AE86 1983

Location: TAS (Willing to arrange freight interstate for buyer, happy to personally deliver to Melbourne on boat at my expense.)

Asking Price: Seeking offers around $32,500 - Prepared to talk however, I am motivated to move at the moment and would consider offers a few $k less for a fast sale.... Serious interest pm me for mobile number, and we'll talk. Will let go for less than 30k though....

Killometer's: On shell - 230,000.... Engine - 68,000

Manual or Automatic transmission: Genuine Steel Plate Supra W58

Engine Type: 3sGTE (Only the long motor remains standard, see details below)

Condition: Immaculate, Show Winning, Recently had photo shoot for leading magazine... Details to be shared during negotiations into sale only...

Modifications: See below.... $55k worth

Complianced/Engineered: Approved, Ready to be signed off by engineer for full registration in TAS with all modifications, sale will include these approval papers.

Registration: Purchased unreg, Ready to be registered.

Crash History: None.

Contact: Me Via PM for contact number.

Car has to be seen to appreciate. Will not find a cleaner, more thoroughly executed build anywhere. As I said, Im not fussed whether it sells or not. If someone is interested and wants to take it for a reasonable price, I'll let it go. Otherwise, I'll keep it and stash it in another shed somewhere.

Complete photo album of 2.5 year build can be found here (give it a good 15 minutes to load on a high speed connection, there's over 700 photos...):

Since car has been 'complete' (it's always been undergoing R&D, never completely finished lol), It has been used in only 3x Hill Climb events, and a club day and a couple of private practice/test days. Has never missed a beat, and rightly so - every part in the car has been purchased brand new, and is the best money can buy. Currently set up for grip, but with minor suspension tweaks (everything is adjustable) would make a very competitive drift car. Definately puts a smile on my face every time I drive it, has recently had a photo shoot for a leading magazine and has won best presented car at every event has been to.

As I said, not stressed whether it sells or not, if someone is keen on it i'll let it go, otherwise I'll keep it and enjoy it some more. Basically, I just see it as a waste as it sits in the shed and is lucky to be used once a month.

I'll let the specs do the talking..... Any questions, feel free to post and serious interest can contact me via pm for mobile number.

- 1983 Aus Delivered Toyota Sprinter AE86
- Stripped back to bare metal, only minor rust found and cut out, repaired by bodyworks properly
- Full CAMS approved 6 Point welded in roll cage (approved by DIER for road registration!)
- Sound Deadening removed, spare wheel hole removed, additional bracing welded in.
- Full under pan stripped and resprayed, along with interior, engine bay and exterior all in 2K metallic, a modified variant of Ford Blueprint
- Brand new windscreen and all windows tinted in 25%, new surrounding trims and rubbers reconditioned
- Original AE86 bumpers modified and resprayed black to maintain the original look.
- Brand new JDM Redline Tail Lights
- Brand new ADM Parker/Turn lights & Headlights

- Colour Matched interior respray, including roll cage, roof, smoothed floor etc.
- Alloy checker plate trimmed panels from B pillars back, with rubber beaded edges
- Alloy checker plate floor in boot
- Alloy Fuel System Box with Clear Perspex Lid
- Sparco Sprint Seats (New Style) Brand new
- Sparco Suede Steering Wheel Brand new
- Sparco 2” Harnesses (2x) Brand new
- Billet Aluminium (Handmade) 90mm Steering Wheel Spacer
- Billet Aluminium (Handmade) Gear Shifter Knob
- Hand made fiberglass dash utilizing original cluster, houses Microtech ECU and Igniter Module, VDO Oil Pressure and Water Temp gauges, covered in black Suede
- Handmade centre console housing Kenwood MP3 CD Player, Kicker 6x9 Speakers, Auto meter Oil Pressure Gauge, Turbosmart eBoost2, also covered in Suede
- Retrimmed Door linings in Black Suede and Charcoal fabric, repainted black window winders etc.
- Fitted Battery box, 18mm wiring to starter and earth wire return from block
- Accusump fitted between seats, braided line running down tunnel through firewall.

- Dynoed @ 220RWKW on only 16psi, will make 250 @ 19psi... Another guy is running 24psi on stock internals with no problems, these motors are tough!
- 1994 GT4 Celica 3sgte Bare Motor
- Garrett GT3076R Turbo Brand new
- Turbosmart Ultra-Gate 38mm External Wastegate Brand new
- Hand made TIG Welded Steampipe manifold HPC coated silver
- 3” 304 Stainless Lobster-Back Dump Pipe (Heat wrapped) and complete exhaust system, single 3” Lukey Stainless muffler
- Hand made flow bench tested 6061 Grade Aluminium intake plenum, volume calculated (4 litres)
- Gen3 V8 78mm throttle body
- 600x300x76mm Front Mount Intercooler (2.5” Piping from turbo to cooler, 3” from cooler to throttle body) Brand new
- 52mm JAR Radiator (custom stainless water piping from rear of engine) Brand new
- Accusump Eliminates Possibility of Oil Surge/Starvation, Equivilant to Dry Sump Setup
- Microtech LT10s ECU with X4 Ignitor Module, 4x Bosch Coils Brand new
- Turbosmart eBoost 2 Electronic Boost controller Brand new
- Turbosmart Supersonic Blowoff Valve Brand new

*Fuel System*
- Bosch 044 Pump Brand new
- Bosch 070 Lift Pump Brand new
- 2 Litre Surge Tank Brand new
- Hand made 60 Litre baffled polished alloy drop tank centrally located on hand made rear subframe
- Turbosmart T-Reg Pro Fuel Pressure Regulator Brand new
- 800cc Bosch Injectors Brand new
- Billet Aluminium Hand made high volume fuel rail
- Complete (Everything!!!) SpeedFlow Braided Lines and Anodised Fittings Brand new

- W58 Supra (Steel Plate) Gearbox
- Extreme Heavy Duty Clutch (rated to 500HP) Brand new
- Custom single piece balanced tail shaft Brand new
- Hilux Diff Fully Rebuilt Inc. New Bearings, Seals, Sandblasting and 2-Pack Painting, Fully Balanced Axles
- Brand New Genuine Detroit Locker Centre

- AP Racing 4 Piston calipers (Front)
- Falcon BA 298mm DBA Series 4000 Slotted rotors (Front) Brand new
- RX7 Series 6 calipers (Rear)
- RX7 Series 6 rotors (Rear)
- R33 GTR Master Cylinder
- Wilwood Proporsioning Valve Brand New
- S13 Booster Cylinder
- ADR Approved Braided lines and Fittings Brand new
- EBC Pink Stuff Rear Pads Brand new
- Ferodo Front Pads Brand new

- Custom Coilovers Brand new
- SW20 KYB AGX Shocks Brand new
- 40mm Shortened Struts
- 7kg/mm Springs Brand new
- Billet Aluminium (Handmade) Perches and Top hats
- T3 Camber Plates Brand new
- T3 Strut Brace & Tri-Bar Brand new
- New Steering Ball Joints
- Front Axle Stiffeners/Sleeves Enabling Falcon Hubs to be fitted up front (5x114.3 conversion all round)
- Custom Equal Length 4-Link Setup
- Koni Yellow Adjustable Shocks Brand new
- Standard AE86 Rear Springs, Cut to height
- Whiteline Adjustable Panhard Rod Brand new
- Nolathane Bushes all Round Brand new

*Rolling Stock*
- Genuine Sparco Lightweight 16x8 Wheels (Rare)
- Toyo R888 225/45R16 (Run 2x Hill Climbs only!)

*Hand Made Components*
- Turbo Manifold
- Exhaust System Incl. Lobster-Back Dump Pipe
- Inlet Plenum
- Intercooler Piping
- Engine Cross Member Mods to Suit 3sgte
- Engine mounts
- IC Mounts
- Radiator Mounts
- Engine/Bellhousing Plate, Starter Spacer/Locator
- Water Piping (back of motor to front)
- Front Caliper adapter plates
- Fuel Tank
- Fuel System Box
- Rear Caliper Mounts
- Hilux Diff to 4-Link Mounts
- Gearbox Mount
- Seat Rails
- 4 Link Equal Length Rear End
- All Coilover components, threaded sleeves, perches, hats.
- Billet Aluminium steering wheel spacer, gear shifter knob
+ More!