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    [VIC] Yarra Boulevard Cruise 18TH APRIL

    Hey guy's thought I'd post this up for people on these forums that might not have seen it, it'd be good to see a nice turn up ! Hope to see you rock up, I'll be with my mate... two white ae82 seca's come say g'day, the names Trent ;)
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    [VIC] 16" MR2 2006 Alloy Rims, 4 x 100 ($450 PRICE DROP

    Hello, I recently purchased a set of 4 x Genuine Toyota MR2 2006 Alloy Rims and have decided to sell them as they do not fit my car or my driving style. The wheels have all wheel nut's included, tyres and spacers if you want them... They are 4 x 100 wheels with an offset of 46+ (unsure...
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    4x100 rims + gearbox + extras !

    Hey guy's looking for some second hand or new 4x100 Rims, post up what you've got for sale, prefer melb unless postage isn't a huge killer. Also looking for: - Steering wheel - 4AGE gearbox - Rear adjustable white line sway bar or other sway bar brand. - Gear Knob - Passenger side...
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    WTB: AE86 $4 - 6k or swap with AE82 + Cash

    Hey guy's & girls I'm really after a nice condition AE86 in Victoria, they seem hard to come across. Looking to spend around $4 - 6k max. or swap my ae82 with rebuilt 4age + cash for a sprinter. Would prefer a non turbo as I'm on restricted p's possibly a 4AGE would be nice with rego and rwc...