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    Japanese Carbon Kevlar Trueno Bonnet

    Apologies to anyone interested, decided not to sell it. Item: Genuine Jap carbon kevlar trueno bonnet, if there's a difference between kouki and zenki it would suit kouki. Location: Melbourne. Item Condition: Excellent, perfect. Reason for selling: I would prefer a standard bonnet...
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    [WTB] Trueno Bonnet

    Exactly as it says and if there's any difference between zenki and kouki, I need a kouki one.
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    Sun Visors + Mounting Hardware

    AE86 sun visors and mounting hardware, preferably jdm but any will do!
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    Kurts' 85 Trueno

    Hey guys, just picked this bad boy up on Friday, too bad I can't drive it without a fully licensed adult next to me! MASSIVE thanks goes to Pro K, extremely helpful through the whole process and just a good dude! If your reading this you should be talking to him about buying a new 86! First...
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    Things to look for in an AE86

    Ok so I'm fairly (read:very) new to the AE86 scene and I don't know as much as you guys do, so I thought I'd ask the guys in the know! Is there anything specific I should be looking for when inspecting 86's? Any major problems they have? Any defects? Thanks guys! Kurt. Poll for...