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  1. TruenoCoupe

    Swampgarage khanacross ke70

    After the sudden death of my T18 last year, I was left with a void in my life and a brown spot in my lawn that could only be filled by another corolla. I wanted a car to compete in khanacross events that could make use of our stockpile of surplus ae86 and te72 parts. Then this showed up...
  2. TruenoCoupe

    Trueno chop! - Steve's gone mad!!

    Did some work on my Trueno today. :omg: Has much more track now, and better ventilation. What do you reckon? Thanks to 7shades for lending a hand with the grinding. Would still be out there otherwise.
  3. TruenoCoupe

    Help with reconnecting Adaptronic - no spark

    Car - ae86, kouki motor - smallport 4age use - spiderarium problem - Motor will not start. Cranks, but no spark, suspicious wire not connected to anything occurs/started when - I swapped the motor and entire loom into a new shell With the ignition on, several LEDs on the...
  4. TruenoCoupe

    OMG SPRINTERS!!! - 86 Festival at Okayama

    Went for a drive down this crazy narrow road through the hills yesterday. Found this. Great GOOGAMOOGA!!!
  5. TruenoCoupe

    NEMESIS - The 48-hour challenge - GIT R DONE!

    NEMESIS - The 48-hour challenge - FUK'D The location: an undisclosed hayshed, 1800km southeast of Cairns The equipment: a socket set, some screwdrivers and a pair of tinsnips The challenge: to transform this... Into this... IAE86 2.0 An impromptu trip to Brisbane for...
  6. TruenoCoupe

    AE86 Crash Test

    For a while I've been trying to find some crash test footage of AE86's. Here's the only clip I've found. Like going sideways? Watch out for poles :o
  7. TruenoCoupe

    AE86 on "Low Gear"

    For those still waiting for them to roadtest an ae86 on Top Gear, here's "Low Gear" :lol:
  8. TruenoCoupe


    The other day I noticed one of our work vehicles, a massive Ford F250, had a rather amusing warning sticker on the sunvisor. It looks like it means "no drifting" but strangely enough, driving on two wheels is ok, so long as you are wearing your seatbelt! :lol:
  9. TruenoCoupe


    "Inspired" by what I have seen on DC and other forums, today I made myself a cold air intake or "CIA" to use the lingo. I think the pictures speak for themselves, but if you are hard of hearing, this is what they said. Using ordinary "aloominum" ducting, I was able to create the...
  10. TruenoCoupe

    Mmm... chocolate :P~~~

    Pulled a diff out today. Found this! Also, do you think I need new wheel bearings?
  11. TruenoCoupe

    Exhaust Work - have I been taken for a ride?

    My muffler fell to bits last week and the exhaust manifold gasket was shot, so I took the car in to get it fixed up. The APEXi extractors that came with the car were stuffed. They looked well made but the pipes had been hammered flat in places to compensate for a very poor fit. So I...
  12. TruenoCoupe

    A short story about my diff

    As mentioned in another post, my diff with unknown but supposedly aftermarket LSD centre has recently become very loud. So loud that I now need earplugs to drive it any distance. Its so loud that even when driving without a muffler, the exhaust was inaudible. Its whined since I got the car and...
  13. TruenoCoupe

    Proof ae86's are fast sideways

    Otherwise titled: How to break pretty much everything on your 86 in under 10 seconds! Apologies if its a repost.
  14. TruenoCoupe

    My AE86 coupe/wildlife habitat +1 downforce +2 speed -1 T18

    Here's a couple of pics of my new security system. Takes seconds to install, and hours to remove :(