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  1. Mr.sus10

    eoi immaculate adm ae86 76 600 ks, NEW PICS

    9 grand , tell him hes dreaming. . . .
  2. Mr.sus10

    SUS10'S 86

    thanks for the comments, cant wait for the blacktop to go in. . .mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. Mr.sus10

    What to do in Adelaide

    unless you have a car or you smoke weed its not worth coming. . .
  4. Mr.sus10

    SUS10'S 86

    gday everyone, Have not done a members ride thread yet , so here goes. . Bought the car about 5 yrs ago off the orignal owner of the car. Since then it has changed. The car is daily driven everyday, and driven hard. Still has stock paint. now has bigport 4age, trd lsd, blah blah...
  5. Mr.sus10

    HR MAY meet aftermath.Post here

    looks like you need a good feed... >great work melburn heads, decent turn out, with some fattys thrown in there for good measure.. wish adelaide had turn outs like this. all we got is ke70 shitters haha
  6. Mr.sus10

    Monthly meet up guys?

    not every one is selling up, there is still 86's out there that dont conform to ae86dc Luke
  7. Mr.sus10

    Sprinterboy's sc14 GZE. 143.8 rwkw!!! New Pic's Page 6

    i use that line with girls at clubs, dosnt win me anything tho.
  8. Mr.sus10

    Stewart Wilkins & TRD Copy Extractors

    What is the condition of Stewart Wilkins extractors? What were you running them on? if possible could i have a pic emailed to Thanks, Luke
  9. Mr.sus10


    where did you buy that Black ice air freshner?
  10. Mr.sus10

    gearbox & diff oil

    For my T50 i have just started using this bright red, gooey stuff.... Its 90W so is damn thick. When its cold is is slightly hard to shift but works really well when warm. Better than anything else i have tried I cant remember the brand will find out. . Apparently it is what they use in...
  11. Mr.sus10

    FS: 1985 JDM AE86 Trueno. *MUST BE SOLD* Adelaide

    Could i please have pics sent to thanks