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    starting off my sprinter project NSW updated today

    Looks like youve got some work ahead of you :shock: Should be fun :P. Where abouts you from mate?
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    Halfcut Jdm ae86

    no powersteering?
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    Drift at winton 19/4/08

    I'll be there. Hopefully driving although ive still got some work to do. Hey delta, what do you drive? Have you driven at winton before?
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    Hyundai Excel Radiator -> ae86, please help

    VZV21 Camry radiator is good
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    Complete T-series

    I have an aussie t18 drum to drum t-series which I am removing from my car this weekend. It has a KAAZ 2-way lsd which I bought new. I had all the bearings and seals replaced when I put it in. Also have the 2nd half of the tailshaft which was also rebuilt. It's got a 4.1 ratio in it. Since I put...
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    AE86 adm trueno

    where are you located?