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  1. mirandadrift

    Need Haltech Help

    I Got this Haltech E6A ECU (never used) with no igniter, wana put it on me 100kw small port. Any one can help me please...... :x
  2. mirandadrift

    Cooling techniques

    With the 100kw RWD water pump setup what pump pully and what crank pully do i need.
  3. mirandadrift

    Cooling the smallport

    What do i do with the water pump on my smallport motor as it is different from the sprinter cooling system.
  4. mirandadrift

    Clucth ideas please.

    Whats a good Exedy clutch type to get to go between my t50 and 100kw smallport. Whats a good flywheel to fit as well. :?
  5. mirandadrift

    Intake Manifold ISSUES

    Does the AE86, RWD, big port, intake manifold fit the AE92 100Kw motor. :cry: Or any ideas. :idea:
  6. mirandadrift

    Interior door handle replacements?

    Any good ideas how to get rid of the original brown ones.
  7. mirandadrift

    How far down should i mount the NOLTEC sleeve kit.

    How far down should i mount the 120mm threaded tube (SLEEVE) on my original ADM strut leg. I will only be using the car for track only. Im using Pedders Gas strut insert to suit sprinter. If i mount it too low would i loose suspension travel.
  8. mirandadrift

    Better Brakes AE86

    Will JDM front brake ROTORS fit in my standard ADM brake CALIPERS on my SPRINTER..........????????????????? :?