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  1. Pat

    someone in rooty hill or around check a car for me....

    as above guys... would love someone able to give a good keen eye on something for me. beer money supplied, good beer cos you might have to deal with flatbrimmer douche lol
  2. Pat

    so guess who is gonna be a Daddy

    its terrifying, but true. For those who dont know yet, it looks like the wonderful lady and i are due for our first poo machine this christmas :) just wanted to let my extended "family" know :)
  3. Pat


    that is all. as you were gentlemen.
  4. Pat

    autronic sm3

    autronic sm3 ... never used or wired. includes flying loom will check on length. uses latest ( i believe) autronic self tune software. regretful sale, but im arse broke. $1000 plus shipping. any lowballers will rpob just be nutpunched. if not sold this month ill hang onto it
  5. Pat

    Mr kung fu's collection of awesomeness that is fabrication!!!!

    just so there be no confusion as to the author of these examples of fine craftmanship :) ive given old mate a thread of his own. Explore and appreciate my fellow freinds... :hardogay:
  6. Pat

    do we have any doctors on the roll call ?

    Hey guys, basically as per title, do we have any doctors in our midst ? Or possible contacts of good doctors ? Cheers lads
  7. Pat

    my welding adventures, lessons and failures :D

    so i dont get many "projects" done. lets face it, ive been a talker more than a doer for a while now lol. I have plans afoot to remedy this, however, they are a bit off lol so i thought id set up a place to share my successes and failures as i progress through my apprenticeship. many of you...
  8. Pat

    im BACK motha bitchessssss~!

    after MIA for a few weeks with a busted arse ke70 of a computer, i have a new box of porn finding goodness, :D giggity giggity!! :hardogay:
  9. Pat

    congratulations to our mate Eanen and sundry

    new father of two beautiful and perfect baby girls. All the best for the next "interesting" stage of life me old mate!!! ill let Eanen put some pics up if/when he is keen to show off the cherubs!
  10. Pat

    my day at the office

    so for those playing at home, i thought this might be a good little story for you'all. so for the thursday and friday last week, i turned up to work not really sure what was going on. Just trusting in the fact that the boss would find me SOMETHING to do. He didnt, as he was in new callie for...
  11. Pat

    the limping cockroach

    so here it is. the answer to all our problems. Well kinda. For those that havnt had the privalige to listen to my wingings, we have been struggling for coin since moving to tas. The combined drop in annas wage and my apprentice wages meant we were earning about 40 grand less than we were in...
  12. Pat

    exhaust size...

    there was a good little conversation going on over on dc about exhaust sizing. for some reason, the mods have closed it???? anyways, thought it might be good to try and get it going here. basic scenario was grant from us of a "So I've been hearing from a couple of different sources...
  13. Pat

    brake master????

    hey guys, need a new brake master for the ke70..... cant find any ke70 specific ones on fleabay, are they the same-ish as ae71 or ae86???? cheers lads merry christmas!
  14. Pat

    honest request for help guys.

    hey lads. as some may know, i have made a mess of my right hand. ill be off work for 10 to 12 weeks, and my eright hand will be useless till the pin comes out in 6 weeks. i have a beaten up old ke70 that was meant to be getting all kinds of crazy stuff that i have collected, but i cant do...
  15. Pat

    what i was doing instead of watching bathurst...

    fencing. long story, but needed a new larger fenced area for the dogs, needed by this week... all going well saturday, till we run out of mesh... no probs, grab another hundred m sunday mornin, be back infront of tellie in plenty of time. 4 hours later, still not home. pissed...
  16. Pat

    need hookups on a 4age blacktop

    as above guys. in a desperate bid to get the e7 running for the annual i need a complete engine from anyone who accepts credit card lol. and can organise quick shipping :) let me know who you know :)
  17. Pat

    t50 question boys

    hey guys chasing a simple measurement i havnt been able to find online does anyone know how far recessed the input shaft is from the face of a t50 4age bell housing?
  18. Pat

    4age blacktop head

    needed kinda urgently guys. had purchased a head in "perfect working order" that has arrived missing parts and apparently fucked. seller has made it clear its not his problem. flipshot being i cant finish my engine till i have a head. let me know if you have one or know of one thanks...
  19. Pat

    cam hookups peoples!!!!!

    as above guys, looking to get some bigger bumps for the lil engine while im building her, just wondering if anyone has hookups for cheaper than the kelfords delivered price of about 1200 with uprated springs.... help appreciated fellas :)
  20. Pat

    hook ups for pistons

    lads, need a hookup for standard blacktop pistons. have a price for new, but its hurting the wallet a lot! if anyone can help out please let me know, as ill be forced to order these shortly. thanks guys pat