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  1. Anthony

    Help identifying these wires?

    Yeah, not quite that simple. It will go to ignition 3 on your ecu but unfortunately will not work straight away when you connect it. The AE86 dash is a high signal type meaning its expecting around a 60V spike each ignition event to trigger from. The kind of spike that a coil primary produces as...
  2. Anthony

    Alternator wiring

    aus (4AC) cars had a 60A fuse here. It's fine for 4age converted cars too. If it's blowing there's a more fundamental problem.
  3. Anthony

    Help identifying these wires?

    small black on is your original tacho wire to the dash. The large red wire in the black PVC is the start wire to the old ignition coil dropping resistor. The tacho wire I.m not sure what arrangements you have for your tacho but you will prob connect inside the car somewhere. The red wire you can...
  4. Anthony

    Bolting T50 onto 4age

    you did put a 6001 spigot bearing in the crank??
  5. Anthony

    Help running fuel lines? (lots of pics)

    Theres a lot to cover there. It might be easier to deal with one issue at a time. But to start with, your brake booster plumbing looks fine :) (Even though the unused brake vac port on cylinder 1 throttle body could be blanked off in a much neater way - try using a short bolt with a single...
  6. Anthony

    Alternator wiring

    i would run it to AM1. it's the car chassis that sets the circuit sizes, not the engine. you dont have all the stuff that an AE101 levin has so you dont need a 100A circuit. Yeah the yellow from alt goes to that yellow youre holding in the green 2 pin plug. no fuse needed for sense, just...
  7. Anthony

    Alternator wiring

    I cant really follow your diagrams but I can describe the wires coming out of the alternator if that helps. Red/blue is "Ignition" (I) and connects to 12V with the key on, this powers the regulator. Older cars use Black/Yellow for this function White is "Sense" (S) and should connect...
  8. Anthony

    Stain's "Days off work"

    If the middle pin is connected to ignition 12V as it should be, and then the outer pin to aux 1 pin also had 12V, there would be no click as there would be no voltage across the winding. This pin would have to be grounded for there to be a click. Good luck with the soldering, lead free rework...
  9. Anthony

    Stain's "Days off work"

    Yeah it is hard to damage anything on the 6 pin from incorrect plug alignment etc. If the ISCV was clicking this would normally mean failure to ground not putting out 12V (the other end of the ISCV winding would be at 12V). Anyway, unlucky failure. I can't remember seeing a problem in aux1-4.
  10. Anthony

    Stain's "Days off work"

    Thats the driver mosfet for Aux 1 Derek. What was it connected to on the engine? Very unusual failure. One possible cause might be if the 6 pin plug was connected upside down by mistake? (which is unfortunately possible to do)
  11. Anthony

    4AGE Extractors - universal 16V/20V design

    Stock has just arrived of our new 4AGE extractor model. These feature a universal engine flange which is compatible with both 16V and 20V engines. The price is $295 per set and an outlet flange (2inch) and gasket is included. Also available as an optional extra is a 'clutch hose kit' which...
  12. Anthony

    HR 'Stealth' & 'Bright' Logotype Hoodies - A Few Left!

    1. Garth - Stealth - Medium 2. Garth - Bright - Medium 3. Ant - Stealth - XL 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  13. Anthony

    How many ae86 were made?

    I'd guess it's around 350,000 or so since there were about 270,000 AE8600xxxxxx's made and around 80,000 AE8650xxxxxxx's. But then theres AE85's as well as the rumoured american made (south american maybe) AE88's.
  14. Anthony

    a build thread? really?

    looks good! nice job.
  15. Anthony

    Where is he?

    present He's here. whats up? :) EDIT: Oh look I have a PM. Sorry mate will answer now. If I'm ever awol here again feel free to call ;)
  16. Anthony

    Cusco Powerball extractors on a NA 16V 4AGE?

    That happens fairly often unfortunately. The factory headers are pretty good!
  17. Anthony

    Dizzy seals

    Dont know about high temp variants but the normal grade oil seal for the distributor shaft is readily available.
  18. Anthony

    Cusco Powerball extractors on a NA 16V 4AGE?

    now now lazy, 220 customers cant be wrong :) they do look nice though... Ive had a few sets of the onion collector cuscos through on various cuts and engines. seem to work well, although that series didnt stay around long. just as prone to cracking as any other stainless japanese header so...
  19. Anthony

    Coolant temp sensor

    Oh, just replied to your PM but I see you sorted it out. Yes, very common sensor :)