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    As far as I'm aware he is, contact details in his sponsor section were still current last time I spoke to him about a year ago.
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    Stewart's AE86 GT Apex Levin Coupe

    Panda Levin coupes are where it's at ;) Yours look amazingly clean though.
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    Forged 4A-GE 16v engine parts CP Tomei TRD Carrillo ARP

    I've been collecting parts for a little while to build an awesome 16v 4A-GE but plans have changed and I've changed direction. Everything is ONO, but I have researched pricing pretty thoroughly so I really doubt you'll find it cheaper elsewhere. All parts are new and un-used unless stated. Will...
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    I want it daily!

    Got it registered on the Friday before the Winton day at the last minute, and seriously enjoyed the drive up through Yarra Glen, Yea and Bonnie Doon even though it was pouring rain on all the twisty bits of road. Didn't get to do any kind of fast driving really until I was on track, and I was...
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    HR Annual X 86 Festival [MELBOURNE] Postponed

    I'll be there with my car, if the interstate guys can't bring your cars I'll be taking as many people for passenger runs as I can.
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    I want it daily!

    Cheers Garth, I'm pretty stoked with it too. Had a few little electrical issues taken care of, now I just need to sort some temp rego then the run in can begin. Then just RWC, club inspection and she's back on the road finally. Still need to finish the harness bar and new seat rail to suit...
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    I want it daily!

    I haven't updated this thread in such a long time, probably because I've been slack with finishing the damn thing. Been cleaning and painting everything I pulled out with the engine for the rebuild, as well as replacing basically everything underneath the car so it's all refreshed when it gets...
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    TRD 4AGE oil filter differences

    I just use the Z386 equivalent, it flows more than enough oil for my needs. The K & N part numbers are PS-1003 for the normal ones, or HP-1003 for the higher flowing ones with the nut on the end.
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    TRD 4AGE oil filter differences

    For what it's worth I always used Ryco filters as well, and had no issues. I cut a few open every 2-3 changes to check the insides and they were fine. Now I'm using K&N oil filters because they have a nut on the end to make them easier to undo and I can buy them cheaper at cost price through...
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    4AGE jumpy at constant speed/LIGHT throttle cruising.

    I would suggest checking your plugs, and also the resistance of the o2 sensor. I had a similar issue when I firt picked my car up and it turned out to be a combinations of those two things. Your car shouldn't have a MAF sensor or any kind of EGR system either being a JDM model, they were only...
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    Harmonic Damper (bhj dynamics)

    It actually does something to dampen the harmonic vibration present in Toyota's A series engines, solid alloy ones like T3 are terrible in my opinion. Bearings will last a lot longer and the car will be a lot happier at high rpm. You would need a fairly serious engine to bother with it, a...
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    Best Gasket/Seal Kit

    I would say Permaseal (or Durapro/Endurotec = same thing), reasonably priced and decent quality and even made in Australia.
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    AE86 Image Appreciation Thread

    Lucky that wasn't so much worse...
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    Wheel Bearing Kit Timkem

    JDM brand snobbery extends to wheel bearings now? They use good steel, the bearings roll just as well and I get pretty much the same amount of kms out of them.
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    Wheel Bearing Kit Timkem

    I use cheap Protex wheel bearings, as long as you them adjusted properly and re-grease them every 20,000kms or so they're fine. Just use whatever you can get locally.
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    I'm sure there's more than a few of us here who can show you some pretty decent roads and a good time.
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    1987 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex - Black Limited

    You could put all the nice bits and all your new stuff into a much nicer shell and make a clone? That way you can still make it look mostly like a Black Limited, but not feel bad about modifying it.
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    to wrap or not to wrap......

    The wrap is a little absorbent, so does attract a little water but not a massive amount. If it's coated and there's no deep scratches I can't see why it would rust. The only real downside is if you don't keep on top of oil leaks from the cam covers and distributor it can catch fire. If you use...
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    Brake Master Cylinder options for JDM Booster

    More than likely I can get the cups and piston to rebuild, I'll have a look at work tomorrow. You may have to get your cylinder re-sleeved if it's corroded though.
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    Ped Rac3r's AE85 Build thread

    If you can make it yourself to a high standard why not? Looks like a really nice smooth exhaust path.