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  1. Ismal

    WTB AE86 kouki Right Hand side Mirror ( Electric)

    ​As freaking Trucky smash mine :mad:; after kouki Right Hand side Mirror ( Electric). willing to buy a pair . let me know plz, or txt me 0450 862 819 cheers isuru
  2. Ismal

    GTS (US) Lights vs JDM TRUENO

    thnx man.
  3. Ismal

    GTS (US) Lights vs JDM TRUENO

    Would like to know GTS TRUENO Headlights are same as JDM TRUENO (APX) ? ( i mean whole headlight unit from front cut) are they interchangeable ?
  4. Ismal


    Hey man rods are they Carrillo or TRD Japan ? 19 pin? can i see some pics of Crank + rods plz, willing to post interstate?
  5. Ismal

    Harmonic Damper (bhj dynamics)

    i'm think about getting this..... would like to know is there any advantage over T3 and other light weight pulleys. any one using it in their motor ? thnx ppl.
  6. Ismal

    Wheel Bearing Kit Timkem

    finally got it from US. will be here with in week time.
  7. Ismal

    Wheel Bearing Kit Timkem

    Daaam Couldn't find all the Timken parts in Aus;
  8. Ismal

    Wheel Bearing Kit Timkem

    Thnx man.. i'll give them a ring OR can u pm me with da prices this is so far i found out about part numbers Front (KIT:2900) Inner OEM :90368-29068 : Timken :SET8 Outer OEM:90368-17017 : Timken: SET1 Seal OEM:90311-41123 Timken:1950 Rear Disc (KIT: 4090) Bearing OEM...
  9. Ismal

    Wheel Bearing Kit Timkem

    Would like to know where i can get them from? only i can find TimKen Front Baring kit (Part KIT2900- Ebay) But no Rear kit....(KIT4090????) Did fair bit of a search but couldn't find anything. IF someone can help it would be really great :)
  10. Ismal


    where about melb ur in ?
  11. Ismal

    Brake Master Cylinder options for JDM Booster

    or try AP racing, Girling some times OEM one will cost more than after market .
  12. Ismal

    seat belt won't retract

    Drivers K6508 + K4425 Passenger K6507 + K4425
  13. Ismal

    SC Auto Parts Feedback Thread

    Item: Front side indictaters for ae86 trueno(kouki model smoked)‏ Perfect seller. Really quick replies on emails , even with 12hr time difference response in short time than most of the other Aus base sellers in Here. Nicely, safely packed and quick on delivery. got mine in less-than a week...
  14. Ismal


    Hi Aiya After long time............... for that price coupe is a steal. when i get a chance come and cu + cars.... cheers Isuru.
  15. Ismal

    E bay Bonnet

    I asked him aby warranty this what he said..... $550+120 (postage) mmmmmm... for another extra $150 i can get original Dmax from jap.... lets c..............
  16. Ismal


    $60 From Toyota Not BAD.
  17. Ismal

    E bay Bonnet

    cool. thnx man. ( cause from jap bonnet is around $500 Shipping around $400 :headshake:)
  18. Ismal

    E bay Bonnet

    Don't know is this the right section to ask this.... if not plz move it . any one know these ppl p.r.c_autostyling after this......
  19. Ismal


    thnx guys.... thing is my panel beater wants them to fix da damage..... insurance will pay for these... so tomorrow will got to Toyota and c what they will say.......... Jesse is my last option