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  1. sc86

    AE86 JDM Caliper Rebuild Kits

    Brand new genuine jdm front and rear caliper seal kits perfect for rebuilding seized calipers 120 aud deliverd for front pair shipped 120 aud deliverd for rear pair shipped or 220e for the pair shipped Paypal payment preferd shipping takes 1 week with tracking number
  2. sc86

    New Ae86 Kouki Levin/Trueno Bumper Brackets For Sale

    Front bumper brackets for Kouki levin or Trueno Brand new 295 shipped for pair Rear Kouki bumper brackets for kouki levin/trueno Brand new 295 shipped for pair Shipping takes 1 week Paypal accepted Thanks
  3. sc86

    Genuine 4age Complete Gasket + Seal Kit + Oil Pum

    Brand new genuine set Complete kit for your 4age/20v Includes head + exhaust gasket kit All oil seals. rocker gaskets Everything included for your rebuild Great value @ 375 aud shipped Shipping takes 1 week Paypal accepted Genuine 4age oil pump Comes with gasket + seal pictured...
  4. sc86

    New Ae86 Kouki Levin Jdm Sidelights/Parkers For Sale

    Have theese brand new pairs of kouki jdm parker lights These are 250 for a set of 2 shipped to your door with tracking number Shipping takes around 1 week Paypal accepted
  5. sc86

    New Toyota AE86 Jdm Levin Rear Lights For Sale

    I have these brand new ae86 3dr jdm rear lights these are a direct fit to any model 3dr be it adm or jdm shipping takes 1 week paypal or bank transfer 395 aud deliverd to your door toyota center strip extra 80 aud these are them fitted to my car
  6. sc86

    New Redline Rear Lights For Ae86

    Brand new genuine toyota redline rear lights for a 3dr coupe ae86 Set of rear lights 395 shipped 625 for the lights and centre piece shipped together Only 2 centre pieces left in stock, now discontinued shipping will take around 1 week by air mail thanks
  7. sc86

    New Genuine Jdm Kouki Headlights Ae86 For Sale

    Brand new genuine Kouki Levin headlights for sale 450 For a pair shipped to anywhere in australia 130 extra for the 4 eyelids if needed One week shipping time Paypal accepted Thanks
  8. sc86

    Ae86 Toyota Sprinter Rear Lights

    Brand new Ae86 Sprinter rear lights Fit any 3dr ae86 395 shipped Toyota strip 80 extra Shipping takes 1 week Paypal accepted Thanks
  9. sc86

    New Ae86 Kouki Levin Glass Grill

    Brand new kouki levin grill for non foglight models 250 Shipped to your door with tracking number Shipping takes 1 week Paypal accepted Brand new genuine levin glass grill to suit kouki foglight models 250 shipped to your door with tracking number Shipping takes 1 week Paypal accepted thanks
  10. sc86

    New Ae86 Black Sunvisors

    Now in stock brand new ae86 front visors Drivers side has mirror, passenger side has not 195 Aud shipped Shipping takes 1 week Paypal accepted
  11. sc86

    How to check your tracking number and delivery times

    Every parcel that i send to you guys will have a tracking number so you can be updated on where your parcel is, please mind this number when i give it to you delivery is normally around 1 week here is where you can check your number
  12. sc86

    SC Auto Parts Feedback Thread

    Hi guys this is a thread so my customers can tell their experience of dealing with me to other members please list the parts you bought and how happy you were with them this is so potential customers can feal at ease knowing they are buying quality parts thanks Stephen
  13. sc86

    New Genuine Kouki Levin Bumpers

    I have these brand new genuine toyota bumpers in stock these are for kouki model jdm levins shipping should take around 1 week The first bumper is 450 aud deliverd to your door This kouki jdm levin bumper has no holes for splitter or mouldings i have second hand light units if needed new...
  14. sc86

    Kouki Trueno Front Bumper + Brackets

    Brand new genuine toyota kouki trueno bumper 450 aud shipped shipping takes around 1 week paypal payment preferred Kouki trueno Front Bumper Brackets These are brand new genuine parts 295 aud shipped for the front pair
  15. sc86

    New Ae86 Kouki Trueno Bumper Indicater Units + Sidelights + Badge + Grill

    New genuine indicater units for kouki trueno these come with looms/bulbs have these in stock 235 aud deliverd by air mail shipping takes 1 week Front side indictaters for ae86 trueno kouki model 125 aud deliverd for both sides 1 week shipping New Genuine kouki ae86 trueno bumper badge...
  16. sc86

    Photo Thread of My 20 + Jdm + Irish style AE86s Enjoy!

    Hi guys, new around here, great site heres a few pics of my old ae86s I have had alot over the years so il start from the begining imported from japan myself, very 1st ae86 sr20 n/a Irish spec burgundy 1 of the best, grade 3.5 totally standard 47kms bought it back this...
  17. sc86

    SC Auto Parts Mission Statement & Contact Details

    Ok guys new around here so said i would introduce myself Im stephen cummins 27 from ireland which as you may be aware has a huge ae86 following My aim is to supply you guys with new or second hand genuine parts which are hard to get at as cheap a price as possible I have owned around 30 ae86s...